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10 Companies Where Part-Time Jobs Can Mean Full-Time Benefits

Written by Sheryl Posnick

Need to work part time, but don’t want to have to work all the jobs in order to scrape together health insurance and other necessary benefits? It’s not a great time to be in your position, given that a lot of companies are making their benefits threshold 30+ hours per week—often 40+ for retirement benefits, but there are still a lot of great companies that offer competitive benefits to folks working fewer than 30 hours per week.

Here are some of the best.

1. Whole Foods

If you log 20 hours per week, you’re eligible for their full medical, dental, and vision coverage, once you’ve hit 400 hours total. These aren’t fixed or guaranteed—and management has the right to rescind, but they are out there. You’ll also be eligible for a 20% purchase discount in-store, as well as subsidized life insurance, paid sick and vacation time, stock options, and a 401(k). They also give bonuses to rank-and-file employees out of the unused leftovers of their annual labor budget.

2. Starbucks

At Starbucks, you’re not an employee, you’re a “partner.” And if you average 20 hours per week, you’re eligible for competitive base pay plus health care. You might even get equity in the form of “Bean Stock.” You’ll also get PTO, a 401(k), and a 30% store discount. And their health benefits are pretty sweet, covering 100% of preventative care and women’s preventative health, as well as 70% of premium costs.

3. Allegis Group

The company formerly known as Aerotek employs nearly 10 times as many contractors and temp workers as it does full-timers. At 20+ hours per week, you’re immediately eligible for medical, dental, and vision, plus a matching 401(k) program, possible profit-sharing bonuses, disability insurance, a 529 college savings plan, and PTO.

4. Lands’ End

Depending on your job, and your department, you might be eligible for dental, vision, and life insurance, plus access to the on-site medical clinic, fitness center, and day care. And, if you’re a seasonal employee willing to commit to the following year, your benefits might be extended.

5. Costco

Work more than 24 hours per week, for a total of at least 180, and you’ll be eligible for their Choice Plus health plan, plus low-cost dental, a cheap in-house prescription plan, a 401(k), and an FSA, stock purchase options, disability, life, and long-term care insurance. There’s also the Care Network, providing free mental health counseling, and referrals to debt counselors and lawyers.

6. Lowes

Lowes offers part-time employees a limited medical plan, plus basic dental and vision—with no minimum hourly threshold. You pay full blast the first year, then Lowes subsidizes your coverage the next. There are also stock purchase options, a 401(k), and PTO available after 180 days.

7. Trader Joes

Work 30+ hours a week and get health coverage. Plus free basic dental and vision (at only 15+ hours per week!).

8. U-Haul

Part time U-Haul employees don’t receive paid holidays or sick leave, or educational assistance, BUT part time workers do have access to limited medical, dental, 401(k), and stock ownership plans. Plus travel discounts through U-Haul and other companies.

9. REI

You can’t do much better than REI. Average 20 hours per week, and the company will give you medical benefits, plus they pay the full cost of disability and life coverage. And there’s a sweet employee incentive plan available to all employees.

10. UPS

You might need to wait a year for your full benefits to kick in, but you can get medical, dental, tuition assistance, adoption assistance, and smoking cessation support. The tuition assistance is immediately available to all new hires.

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