10 Entry-Level Hospital Jobs That Are Hiring Right Now

Written by Peter Jones

So you’ve decided you want to work in hospitals. That’s great! The healthcare sector is one of the most in-demand and steadily growing industries out there. And there are a ton of open entry-level positions that require little experience that will help you get your foot through the door.

Here are 10 of the fastest bets for getting started in your hospital career—i.e. jobs that are hiring right now.

1. Home Healthcare Aide

As a home healthcare aide, you can work in daytime care facilities or straight from patients’ homes. You might end up doing some errands and household tasks, but you’ll also be gaining a ton of healthcare experience that will set you straight for future job searches. Average pay for healthcare aides is $20k per year.

2. Registered Nurse

Registered nurses are always in demand. You’ll need a nursing license and a degree, but the job growth is high and so is the salary, with median pay around $67k. You’ll have lots of flexibility about where you work, as well.

3. Critical Care Nurse

CCNs have same credentials and salary as a registered nurse, but you’ll be working with patients in more life-threatening situations. Great growth and the daily opportunity to save lives are more job perks!

4. Licensed Practical Nurse

LPNs make a median annual wage of about $43k, with great growth, and only need a nursing license and the completion of a 12-month nursing program. A variety of work settings available for licensed LPNs.

5. Certified Nursing Assistants

CNAs need only complete a state-approved education program. You might hear them referred to as “orderlies.” It’s not the most glamorous start, or the most well paid (~$26k), but it’s a way in to the industry while you build up your credentials for snazzier jobs.

6. Medical Assistant

A job as a medical assistant combines office duties and clinical duties for an average salary of about $30k. You can work in the offices and clinics of a variety of different physicians, and decide which part of hospital work you’re best at—administration or practical clinical work.

7. Medical Biller

Handle the billing, payments, and insurance issues for private offices, hospitals, and clinics—even rehab facilities. Median salary: $34k.

8. Medical Secretary

Maybe you want to work in the healthcare field, but you’re not so great with needles or the sight of blood. No worries! You can help doctors with appointments, staff training, scheduling, supplies, correspondence, etc. instead. Average salary: $32k.

9. Occupational Therapist Aide

Get your foot in the door of occupational therapy and also get a sense of the business side of what that sort of rehabilitation requires. Average salary: ~$32k.

10. Patient Service Representative

You may only need a high school diploma for this gig, though a degree will always stand you in better stead. You can make a median annual wage of just under $32k and work directly with patients, acting as a liaison between medical staff and patients, and fielding the occasional complaint. 

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