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10 High-Paying Jobs Where You Can Help People

Written by Peter Jones

Want to help people, but still afford the life you want? It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. It is possible to wake up in the morning, go to work knowing you believe in what you do, and make a livable wage.

Here are 10 options that allow you to help people, make a difference in the world, and also make good money.

1. Nonprofit Executive Director

You’ll have to work your way up from a lower rung (unless you have qualifications and skills from another sector that can transition to this executive role), but it can be worth the work. It’s hard to keep a company running with nothing but grants and donations, but the rewards are high. Median annual pay: over $55k.

2. Registered Occupational Therapist

You’ll need an M.A. and to pass a licensing exam, but then your job will consist with helping people recover from injuries, which can be incredibly gratifying. Median annual pay: nearly $70k.

3. Development Director

Again, look toward the non-profit sector. On your way to the executive rung, you could be in charge of securing the funds that keep your nonprofit running. You’ll need a B.A. and some background or passion for the relevant field, plus management skills. Median annual pay: $59k.

4. Foundation Program Officer

You’ll need a B.A., but it can be very meaningful to help decide which proposals or programs get funds from a foundation. If you have good decision-making skills and a desire to make a difference, this could be great for you. Median annual pay: nearly $59k.

5. Clinical Lab Scientist

You’ll need a Bachelor’s degree, plus licensing, and sometimes even graduate work. But after your initial work, you will be part of a team helping doctors to identify cancerous cells or the root of diseases or infections. Median annual pay: over $76k.

6. Grants Manager

Help bring in money for a foundation or nonprofit. Choose the best grants to go after, make the proposals, and then make sure your organization complies with the requirements. A B.A. is likely required. Median annual pay: nearly $53k.

7. Registered Nurse

Registered nurses need academic certification, which differs by program, and licensure, but they make some of the most meaningful difference in patients’ lives. Median annual pay: $57.5k

8. Intelligence Analyst

You’ll definitely need a Bachelor’s degree, and possibly even foreign language experience, but this is absolutely an amazing job. Work to make the world safer! Median annual pay: nearly $73k.

9. Education Administrator

If you don’t want to teach, but have great ideas and want to further the field of education, this is a gig to consider. Median annual pay: nearly $76k.

10. Health Services Manager

Don’t want to be a doctor, but want to further health and the medical profession and really help people when they need it most? This could be a great opportunity for you. Median annual pay: $70.5k

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