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10 Highest Paying Part Time Jobs

top paying part time jobs
Written by Peter Jones

Think part-time jobs are all for waitresses and bartenders and the nice people who fold your clothes in retail stores? Think again. Some are highly specialized and very well-respected in their respective fields. Here are 10 top paying part time jobs that don’t require full-time hours.


A qualified translator can make about $50 per hour. All you need is a fluency with a particular language and a good grip on grammar, style, and syntax. If you prefer the security of working through a third-party staffing service, you’ll probably make less, maybe $20 an hour, but can easily work on your own time.

Personal Trainer

This is another example of a job with $50 an hour potential. If you’re into fitness and have some skills and knowledge to offer those who aren’t, consider taking on a few clients. You can specialize in particular sports, Pilates, yoga, skiing, boxing, or just general fitness.


Okay so you need at least a master’s degree, but you can really tailor your schedule and your life however you see fit. Work with children, couples, or twentysomethings. Be a life coach or a therapist or a social worker. And rake in anywhere from $45 to $150 an hour.

Nonprofit Executive

You have to know something about nonprofits, plus whatever cause you’re working for. But these jobs are typically not full-time and, for a talented candidate with experience, can earn up to $50 an hour.

Freelance Writer

Especially if you cover any particularly specific market—tech or niche subjects—you might just be able to eke out a career. The average hourly rate for freelance gigs is $33 an hour, but can go as high as $75.

Occupational Therapist

For between $30 and $50 an hour, you can help get someone back on their feet after surgery or injury—in either a hospital or private setting—for however many hours each week you like.

Adjunct Professor

Even without making the trek to a campus to teach a course or two per semester, you can make up to $70 per hour. This is particularly appealing now that there is such an increase in online course availability—and demand for instructors.

Speech Pathologist

Top people in this field make as much as $60 per hour helping people with vocal disorders, and setting their own schedules.


Work in any setting you prefer—whether at a fancy spa or making house calls with your portable table. Make your own hours (and aromatherapy blends), and rake in up to $60 an hour.

Software Developer

For $30 to $60 per hour, you can develop applications, engineer software, etc. And you can work in your pajamas.


These top paying part time jobs are only a few there are many more out there. Good luck!

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