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10 Hobbies That Look Great On Your Resume

Written by Peter Jones

The going advice might tell you to leave your hobbies off your resume—there isn’t enough space and potential recruiters are most eager to see your skills and experience. But there are a few situations in which adding a few of your hobbies to your resume can actually add value to your candidacy and help you stand out from the crowd.

You can and should include any hobby that has some bearing on your proposed job duties, or something that would endear you to a more creative company like Google. Just remember: if you put it on your resume, it’s fair game in the interview.

Here are a few hobbies that might actually make things easier for you to land a job.

1. Yoga

Believe it or not, a dedication to yoga shows a commitment to staying calm and in control. The ability to breathe through tough moments will look like an asset in a fast-paced, high-energy environment. Shows you can handle pressure.

2. Extreme Adventure

If your bosses to be are impressed by risk and pushing boundaries without losing your cool, listing extreme adventure sports on your resume can show you have these valuable traits—which might just land you a leadership role.

3. Video Production

Ditto any kind of design, especially if you’re going for a gig in production or event planning. Who knows when you might be asked to live stream or broadcast content in the course of a job?

4. Endurance Sports

These show dedication, perseverance, and grit. Who doesn’t think these qualities are appealing to a potential hire? Particularly in sales or business roles.

5. Creative Hobbies

If you like to cook or paint or take photographs, or do any sort of design, you might be in a better position to list these on your resume and appeal to jobs that are not just looking for hard skills, but a little creative je ne sais quoi.

6. Team Sports

Show you can be part of a team—especially if your team experience is leaner in the work sphere and you are applying for a team-based job.

7. Writing

A bit of creative writing can both showcase your creative side and also show your strengths as a writer or editor—both incredibly useful skills in communication for almost any job. It’s a highly sought-after skill that most people are just not that great at. Show your stuff!

8. Community Involvement

Being active in your community or volunteering suggests that you are caring, service-oriented, and comfortable with collaboration. You might even show yourself as perfect for a managerial role without even trying too hard.

9. Blogging

As long as your blog is professional looking and not too salacious in content, an interest in blogging can be a real asset. Bonus points if your blog matches your online presence/personal brand and if the content is current, well-written, and free of mistakes.

10. Playing an Instrument

Playing an instrument takes talent, yes, but also determination and dogged practice. Show you’re willing to put in the time and commitment to improve, and your future boss just might believe you.

That being said, while your hobbies are important, it’s also important to build the functional aspects of your resume because that is what will ultimately determine whether or not you get your foot in the door.

And one way to make sure your resume is top-notch is by keeping up with certain resume trends. If you can keep up with trends, you will be able to keep your resume updated and efficient.

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