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10 helpful tips for nailing a career in digital marketing

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If you’re thinking of pursuing a career in the industry of digital marketing, now is the best time to do it. Yes, now! As the industry itself ripens, so are the door of opportunities for many aspirants too.

Digital marketing platform, Smart Insights, found that 39% of the companies within their survey hired new digital marketers that help expand the number of marketing agencies. It also pushes many brands to employ an in-house marketing team to fill in their marketing needs, all of which means one thing – job opportunity.

Just like outsourcing a call center, the demand for digital marketers grows at all levels starting from entry level up to management level skill sets. But how do you nail a gig once you have the skills? Worry no more as this article is intended for those who want to be part of the digital marketing industry. Check out the ten insightful tips below.

Take Initiative

An excellent digital marketer knows how to make brands stand out from the noise and the crowd. In short, they know how to pitch a sale. A potential employer won’t trust you with their marketing dollars if you don’t possess even the most basic skills and qualities.

One surefire way to land a role in marketing is to sell yourself to the hiring manager and tell why you’ll make their company look good.

But before diving into the application process, be sure to identify your top skills first and make a self-concept that shows who you are and what you can bring to the company. Think about what you can deliver beyond the requisite skill set. Think out of the box.

Showcase Your Creativity

Just like call center services, the world of marketing is all about communication across media. Hence, creating a powerful message is the key to nailing a job in the field.

You can start with that one-page list of bullet points, skill lists and job titles called resume. Put some life into it. Digital marketing is a battlefield for creativity and wits so might as well start the game with your resume.

Make a customized landing page specially made for the person you’re trying to get a job with and then send a link instead of just sending a physical and regular-looking resume. This approach renders multiple benefits. Apart from showcasing your intellect, creating and telling stories, it will also reflect your work ethics.

The campaigns in digital marketing frequently move at a breakneck pace, and creating and adapting on the fly shows that you’re up for a digital marketing career.

Pitch Yourself

Craft your pitch according to what the employer’s story is trying to tell if you want to stand out from other competitive job seekers. Ask yourself if what are the challenges of the company that they face at work every day, how they measure their success and what are the problems that they can solve by hiring you.

A successful marketing campaign shows how a particular product or service will solve a consumer’s problem. This principle also applies to job seekers who convince hiring managers that they’ll be able to help and solve the issues of the company.

It always helps to use empathy when applying for a job. Make a pitch to potential employers by drawing their attention with your compassion and understanding. After showing your sincerity, paint a picture of them about what the company will look like when you have eliminated their challenges. Only then can you tell them why you’re the best person for that particular job.

Contact the Employers in a Creative Way

Employers or hiring managers are also canny marketers themselves. So, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding them and tailor your pitch to get their attention.

Tracking these people is one of the best ways to find out their corporate whereabouts and go there. If you’re going to use email, write something memorable that could catch their attention. You can also comment on what they said at a recent lecture or in their article or book that you read. Feel free to be provocative my friend!

Know What You ‘Can’ and ‘Can’t’ Bring to the Table

Between how to hold yourself, what to wear, and how to correctly answer the interview questions that make your insides squirm, acing an interview is a difficult skill to master. An exceptional digital marketer knows about the strengths and weaknesses of the product, so should you.

Playing with your strength is an easy way to get through an interview. But understanding and being honest about your weaknesses allows you to convey your inclination to grow and learn in a role. You’ll be much more comfortable going to an interview if you’re aware of what you know and what you don’t.

It may sound cliché, but be honest with where you’re at in your career and just be yourself.

Build Connection First

Marketers by default are social beings because it’s what their job requires them to do so – communicate and partner with different people and companies. It’s the reason why it’s important to build a network of connection in the digital marketing industry.

The people you meet will become your network of support whenever you encounter problems. They will also help open the doors of opportunities for you, in case you haven’t found one yet.

You can start by attending industry conferences and meetups in your area to develop a potential network with other digital marketers and boost your skills through comprehensive workshops and presentations.

Be a T- Shaped Marketer

A T-shaped marketer is a term created by Rand Fishkin of Moz. It’s about having a basic understanding of different marketing disciplines but only specializes in one or two specific skills.

It’s not surprising for companies to find candidates with a gamut of skill set that are indeed valuable assets because there are many crossovers between the different channels. It also helps you in choosing a significant path where you want to specialize.

Arm Yourself  With Technical Basics

Most people often perceive digital marketing as quite glamorous, but the truth is, it’s more about data and technicalities than we would care to admit. You will not develop websites from scratch, but you’ll certainly need to communicate with a team of web designers or developers who are responsible for incorporating your recommendations.

Thus, a basic knowledge of graphic design, Javascript and HTML will help you to stand among the not-so-technical minded candidates.

Feed Yourself With the Right Knowledge

Do you know your CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) from your CPC (Cost Per Click)? If you want to ace an interview, you can discuss the return on ad spend that you run yourself for a campaign. It’s always a breeze to talk about creative concepts that you made. However, one fact remains – money talks.

You need to comprehend the performance of each marketing channel and their key learnings as well.

Get Certified

The lack of entry nets is one of the issues that the digital marketing industry faces. It means that anyone with little knowledge of the terminology in the industry can potentially land a job in a company.

As the digital marketing industry matures, recruiters are now becoming more cynical about which candidate can walk the talk and who can’t. Thus, formal training will leverage your chance of landing a career.

Learning from industry experts, as opposed to self-learning, opens your eyes about the digital marketing challenges in the real world. It also gives you a forum to dispose of your specific technical questions or doubts.


Suffice to say; there are numerous ways to start a career in the digital marketing industry. And just like any field, be it an outsourcing call center, construction, or medical, passion and determination are essential to help you nail an opportunity. So, what are you waiting? Go out, spread your wings and get that position you’ve been aiming.

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Patrick Panuncillon is digital marketer by profession and the ingenious mind behind LinkVista Digital Inc., a promising startup that offers various services in digital marketing, contact support, and staff leasing, to name a few. He is also a writer by heart and loves to write just about anything within his field and interests. You may connect with Patrick on LinkedIn.

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