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10 Jobs Where You Can Be a Hero

Written by Peter Jones

Remember when you were young and full of promise and passion and thought that no matter what you decided to do when you grew up, it would be something big and important? That you would make the world a better place? Well, you’re never too old to follow through on your old do-gooder dreams. And often those who work in fields where they are constantly giving back to the world are most fulfilled. Whether you’re just starting out and want to make a difference, or you’re changing jobs because you’re tired of not making a difference, here are a few jobs where you can be the one who saves the day.

1. Teacher

Undersung and underpaid, this is one of the most important jobs for shaping the way the world will be. Teach the next generation to be better than ours. Teach them to think and to feel and to have compassion. Help them understand the context of what’s come before and how history has a way of repeating itself unless old mistakes are avoided. Mold new heroes! Build up society with a bunch of inspired and inspirational wee people!

2. Nurse

These everyday heroes are also undersung and also underpaid. Imagine a hospital without them. Doctors would be utterly helpless. 90% of the actual care patients receive is usually from nurses. Save lives, help people through their hardest moments, care for babies and the dying… it’s all of life and death in one rewarding job.

3. Computer Scientist

At first glance, this career might not seem like a heroic one, but just think how much computers and apps are currently shaping our lives. Be in charge of coming up with the software and programs that solve the most dire problems of our time.

4. Police Officer

The world always needs more good guys—even the men and women in blue. Be one of them. Help make the shift toward community policing. Be an example for how all Americans can coexist safely and with respect. And save lives while you’re doing it. Work your way up to chief and you can really shape a department and bring communities together.

5. Early Childhood Education

Before they hit the classroom, kids hang out with ECE teachers, who are usually responsible for kids’ early math and literacy skills, plus learning how to interact (and share) with others. ECE teachers are on the front lines of child development.

6. Non-Profit Executive Director

It may take a while to get up to this level, and non-profit sector employees often report high stress and low pay. However, if you’re driven by the mission of your organization and truly passionate, then you do have a massive opportunity to make the world a better place.

7. Behavior Analyst

Make the world a better place one person at a time. A whopping 94% of analysts report that they find their job meaningful and fulfilling. Work one on one with clients to make their lives better on a very personal level.

8. Social Worker

Engage with people and help them out of tough situations. You’ll provide physical and psychosocial support and improve people’s lives by helping them to cope with their most major problems—things like domestic violence, abuse, neglect—and help them acquire treatment.

9. Activist

It’s a mad world out there—and lots of “little guys” need the strong to speak for them. Be a voice for positive change in the world. Help create awareness and compassion for causes most people might not think about or understand.

10. Ethics Officer

Hold the business world accountable to standards of humanity. You’ll be helping to make sure companies run smoothly and efficiently, but also making sure corners aren’t being cut that will compromise what’s right and good in the world. Make sure the company is honest and help them negotiate tricky spots and problems without sacrificing principles.

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