10 of the Best Jobs in Retail Nationwide

Written by Peter Jones

Considering a job in retail? Hoping to find a workplace that treats you fairly and can maybe even lead to a full-time career? Maybe you’ve never even thought of making a career in the retail field, but the great news is there were several retail companies listed in this year’s Employees’ Choice Awards by Glassdoor and on Fortune’s Great Place to Work list.

If retail might be a job (or even the job) for you, then you might want to consider these 10 companies first.

1. Wegman’s

This food market chain in the mid-Atlantic and New England graces both lists. Employees say it looks out for its employees and offers great benefits—including extra holiday pay, time-and-a-half, and flexible hours. The company seems to truly value their employees and encourage them to advance within the company. (Glassdoor score out of 5: 4.2.)


IKEA also gets a Glassdoor 4.2 for encouraging a friendly work environment and providing great benefits—including education assistance, health care, holiday gatherings, and a flexible and supportive environment for working mothers.

3. Lululemon

Again: 4.2 from the Glassdoor list. Lululemon offers fabulous perks for the fitness oriented like free workouts, an enticing corporate culture, and career counseling.

4. Apple

Another 4.2 from Glassdoor, Apple offers competitive pay, a yearly bonus, great benefits, and a work environment that is consistently rated on top 10 lists.

5. QuikTrip

QuikTrip makes both lists, as well. Employees consistently mention a sense of community and a supportive work environment, plus good benefits, full-time weekly hours, a stable schedule, and a focus on not only employee well-being and growth, but also charitable giving. Glassdoor score: 4.2.

6. CarMax

CarMax employees describe this company work environment like a family, with supervisors and managers nurturing employee’s ambitions to further their careers. There’s an emphasis on fun, respect, and integrity in the workplace.

7. Patagonia

Patagonia also gets a great rep for as a workplace that feels like family, with employees consistently writing glowing reviews. Employees also cite their appreciation for the company’s policies, goals, and ideals aligning with theirs on a social and environmental level. Employees also cite a sense of leadership that nurtures the needs of their workers.

8. In-N-Out Burger

This West Coast burger chain out gets a whopping 4.4 on the Glassdoor scale, mostly for being a busy work environment where time seems to fly. It offers lots of opportunities for advancement, plus a very friendly and positive culture.

9. Build-A-Bear Workshop

Build-A-Bear is highly praised by its employees for the respect and empathy with which the company treats its employees. Employees say it feels like a family and that the warmth with which they interact with customers is almost always genuine. It’s a great place to turn a part-time job into a lifelong career.

10. Publix Supermarkets

Publix employees consistently rave about the culture of respect and teamwork at this supermarket chain. Coworkers feel like family, and employees feel as though the management treats them support and dignity.

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