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10 Top Companies Hiring Part-Time Workers Right Now

Written by Peter Jones

Looking for a part-time job? Summer is coming, school is out, and you need a gig to earn money and fill your summer days. Here are 10 of the top companies hiring the most part-time workers to their books at the moment.

1. The Vitamin Shoppe

This company boasts happy employees, salaries above average, and progressive policies and benefits, and has a focus on customer service rather than sales numbers. The Vitamin Shoppe has nearly 2,000 part-time openings.

2. Chipotle

This gig comes with a flexible schedule, a laid-back atmosphere, and decent food (organic meats!). With over 1,500 restaurants in 45 states, this “fast casual” spot has over 1,400 part-time openings at present.

3. Bayada Home Health Care

Providing one-on-one nursing and other health care in 25 states, this company has over 1,100 part-time openings and tons of satisfied employees.

4. UPS

Delivering 15 million packages per day and employing hundreds of thousands in the United States and globally, this company boasts over 1,000 part-time openings and a challenging, interesting work environment.

5. Liberty Tax Services

With a whopping 5,114 part-time openings, this company helps low-income employees and small businesses with thousands of branches around the world. Also good job security and generally positive employee reviews.

6. Macy’s

With over 3,000 part-time openings and branches all over the country, this retail giant also hires seasonal employees that can occasionally transition into full-time work.

7. MarketSource Jobs

With an HQ in Georgia and nearly 3,000 part-time openings to assist companies with marketing strategy, training, and sales, this kind of job would be great for you if you were suited to sales in general: i.e. you’re personable, upbeat, and have a can-do attitude.

8. United Health Group

Work in health insurance, which can help you transition into jobs in accounting or business or economics. There are more than 1,200 part-time openings, and according to employees, there’s a great work-life balance.

9. Vector Marketing

Love knives? Great at sales? This company is owned by Cutco, famous for great cutlery. They have more than 1,900 part-time openings. Deal closers apply!

10. Firestone

This company isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. It’s one of the oldest American tire/repair companies and has more than 1,600 locations nationwide. Employees report good camaraderie and higher-than-average compensation. More 1,000 part-time openings await!

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