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13 Best Jobs For Good Work Life-Balance

Written by Peter Jones

we have a reputation in america for working too hard. more and more americans are working an average of more than 58 hours a week, well beyond the standard 40. but what if you want a better work/life balance?

according to census data, the average american works approximately 39 hours and has a median income of $32,000 per year. but here are 13 positions that pay much better for roughly the same time on the job.

postal service clerks work about 39.32 hours a week for a median earned income of $51,000.

speech language pathologists work about 36.17 hours a week and make roughly $54,000.

registered nurses and psychologists make about $56,000 a year, and work an average of 37.59 and 36.75 hours a week, respectively.

chiropractors and occupational therapists each make an average of $60,000 a year working 36.02-39.75 hours.

technical writers earn an annual average of $62,000 for 39.61 hours a week.

physical therapists work about 37.43 hours a week and earn about $63,000.

audiologists work roughly 37.77 hours a week for about $64,000, and radiation therapists make a median income of $70,000 a year for 38.4 hours.

the biggest winners are optometrists, pharmacists, and dentists who work an average workweek of 37.83-39.03 hours, but make a whopping $100,000-$130,000 a year.

consider one of these careers if you want to optimize your work-life balance and your bank account!

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