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15 Flexible Careers That Pay Well

Written by Peter Jones

Have the kind of complicated life that would really benefit (or even require) the ability to telecommute? More and more job seekers are looking for this kind of flexibility. And more and more fields are building that kind of work into their job descriptions. It cuts back on office time-frittering, makes for loyal and grateful employees, and cuts commute time considerably!

Here are 15 of the best, highest-paying, and most flexible jobs out there, with the average annual salary of each—based on compensation, bonuses, perks, and profit-sharing, tips, and average commissions. Most of these salaries are reflective of a few years’ experience, so you might have to consider starting at a slightly lower rate if you’re just entering the profession.

1. Clinical Research Associate

If you can work your way up to a senior level, you could make nearly $95k per year. About 78% of workers telecommute.

2. Sales Engineer

Senior sales engineers make roughly $108k per year, with 64% telecommuting.

3. Service Delivery Manager

This gig offers an average salary of $83k, with 64% telecommuting.

4. Security Consultant

When you reach a senior level, you can earn about $100k per year. About 64% of workers telecommute.

5. Solutions Architect

About 64% of solutions architects telecommute and earn up to $114k in annual compensation.

6. Territory Manager

About 62% telecommute, earning and almost $66k per year.

7. Professional Service Consultant

Senior-level service consultants earn nearly $96k per year, with 61% telecommuting.

8. Software Consultant

Software consultants earn about $79k per year, with 58% telecommuting.

9. Implementation Consultant

Implementation consultants can earn around $74k per year, with 58% telecommuting.

10. Regional Sales Manager

About 56% of regional sales managers telecommute, earning an average salary of $81k per year.

11. Technical Sales Engineer

About 56% telecommute, and earn about $79k per year.

12. Marketing Consultant

About 52% telecommute, and earn about $67k per year.

13. Instructional Designer (Training and Development)

Median pay for a senior-level designer is $71k per year, with 52% telecommuting.

14. SAP Consultant

Senior-level consultants can earn almost $99k a year, with 51% telecommuting.

15. IT Program Manager

Senior-level IT managers can earn a whopping $126k per year, with 51% telecommuting.


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