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21 Part-Time Jobs That Pay More than $20 Per Hour

Written by Peter Jones

Need a side gig? Or maybe just a flexible schedule to accommodate your family or other projects, so you can bring in some bacon? You don’t have to settle for a sub-par hourly wage, we promise.  Here are 21—that’s right, 21—part time jobs that pay more than the usual $20 per hour. You can also skip the list, sign up with TheJobNetwork right here to receive the newly posted part time job openings in your location.

1. Freelance Writing: Average ~$26/hr

You can easily make freelance writing a full-time job, or you can take advantage of the good compensation and flexibility and use it as a part-time gig. Start with sites that pay per post if you need a little primary inspiration.

2. Landscaping: Average $20+/hr

If you like getting your hands dirty and spending a day doing physical work outside, this can be for you. Start with local one-off gigs on Craigslist, then try to build a word-of-mouth reputation. If you can work specialized machinery, you can make much more—just be careful to get the necessary licenses and insurance if you start building this into a business.

3. Graphic Design: Average $22/hr

You need great computer skills and a keen eye for design, but it’s a great gig if you’ve got what it takes. Make yourself a portfolio of sample work and then make sure you have a website showcasing it, plus any recommendations and rave reviews you’ve won.

4. Massage Therapy: Average: $60/hr

Strong hands? A desire to help people? Get yourself your Certified Massage Therapist license and start raking in the dough. Work on your own or through health clubs, massage studios, and spas.

5. Interpreting/Translating: Average: $23.71/hr

If you’re bi- or multi-lingual, this can be a great way of making some relatively easy money. Work on an on-call basis or by contracting steadier gigs.

6. Sign Language Interpreting: Average: $36.50/hr

If you know ASL or another sign language, you can work interpreting in event venues, courtrooms, or classrooms—or even smaller environments like mediations and meetings.

7. Tutoring: Average: up to $75/hr

Bone up on your science and math, specialize in the trickiest of subjects, and you’ll make tons of money. But even vocab and test prep will get you well over $20/hr.

8. Test Prep Instruction: Average: $21-$32/hr

Depending on the test you’re qualified to teach, this can be a great way to make some extra cash. Work with the SAT, ACT, MCAT, LSAT, GRE or GMAT, and more.

9. Personal Shopping: Average: up to $33/hr

You’ll need a decent background in fashion, and a great eye for style, but you’ll make good money and probably have a great time making it.

10. Etsy: Depends on what you sell.

Are you crafty? Selling your wares on Etsy can be enough to earn a full-time living. Your compensation will depend on what you make, how long it takes you to make what you make, and how much you charge. But the sky’s the limit.

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11. App Design: Average: $6k/month

As long as you have the skills and knowledge to develop this kind of software, it can be incredibly lucrative and very flexible work.

12. Nannying: Average: $20-$25/hr

Love kids? Work daily, weekends, evenings, on-call, you name it—parents have the need and you pocket the cash.

13. Personal Chef: Average: $20-$45+/hr

Start with pals and friends of friends, and build a reputation by word-of-mouth. Have steady weekly gigs, or cook batches of freezer meals in bulk. If you’re good on the pots and pans, the cold, hard cash is out there for you.

14. Catering: Average: $20+/hr

If you don’t mind working evenings and/or weekends, this is a great way to pick up loads of extra money. And good gigs usually open doors for more.

15. Bartending: Average: $26/hr (plus tips)

You may need certification in your state, and you’ll definitely need skills making cocktails or pouring shots and beer, but no matter what you do, you can make a ton of money if you find the right place and hit on the right schedule. Start small, rake in the tips.

16. Personal Assisting: Average: $25/hr

Are you super organized? Don’t mind doing the adult-ing, logistics, and errands for someone else and then getting paid? As long as you’re responsible, discrete, and reliable, this is a great and lucrative gig.

17. Serving: TIPS

Depending on the volume and the prices of the place, you can make a huge amount of money in tips in relatively few hours. Get your foot in the door and always have this as a fall back side-gig when you need cash fast.

18. Yoga Instruction: Average: $24.37-$49+/hr

You’ll need to invest in a Teacher Training series, which takes at least 200 hours and a final assessment, but then you’ll get paid to exercise! You’ll be fitter and richer.

19. Fashion Consulting: Average: $50-$500/hr

This is one of those fabled super-high-paying gigs, but if you have a superb eye for fashion and can court the high end clients, it might be for you.

20. Dog Walking: Average: $20+/hr

Freelance or work with a dog walking company. Get outside, get some exercise, spend time with cute dogs, and… get paid? Start advertising at local pet places—groomers, boarders, vets, pet stores, etc.

21. Make-up: Average: $23.50/hr

Get brides and celebs and party-goers gussied up for the big event. Have fun while you work. As long as you’re good enough at what you do to keep getting the gigs!

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