3 Facts About Truckers That Overcome Stereotypes

Written by Peter Jones

There are over 3.5 million truckers on the road, representing and incredibly diverse workforce. But there are a lot of pesky stereotypes that don’t necessarily reflect the people doing America’s driving.

Here are a few things you should know about truckers. 

1. They shower

Thanks to companies like Flying J, Pilot, TA, and Petro, showers are now easily available on the road. Flying J and Pilot even have a special rewards program, called “Shower Power,” which gives one free shower daily with every 500 gallons of diesel—which is nothing in trucker tank terms. A decade ago, this wasn’t the case, but today’s trucker is actually incentivized to fuel up and stay squeaky clean. 

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2. They’re dedicated

If every U.S. trucker were to go on strike, even for one day, America would come to a complete halt. Some truckers get home every day and others don’t for months at a time, but either way: a trucker takes his or her job very seriously. Otherwise, our country’s goods would not be transported or delivered so efficiently. 

3. They drive safely

The trucking industry—and its drivers—are highly regulated. Most trucks are equipped with radar to prevent tailgating. Every year there are more and more laws governing truckers on the road, which makes them some of the safest drivers out there. Plus, though they may be driving for work, most truckers consider their work a joy—a new view every day, and the romance of the open road.

The next time you see a trucker on the highway, try to give him the benefit of the doubt. He’s just like you: trying to do his job and get home safely.

The Truth About Trucker Stereotypes

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