3 jobs you can get with a cosmetology license

3 jobs you can get with a cosmetology license
Written by Eric Titner

If you’ve recently earned your cosmetology license then congratulations are in order—you’ve worked hard to learn the trade and build the skills necessary to be successful in this fast-growing field. Now, there’s one more step for you to take, and that’s to find a job.

If you’re new to the field of cosmetology, you have a reason to be optimistic as you embark upon your career journey—according to the U.S. Department of Labor, employment opportunities for cosmetologists is expected to grow approximately 13 percent over the next decade, faster than the average for all careers. Simply put, as the population grows across most demographic sectors, the demand for the range of services that cosmetologists provide should grow as well, along with the need for talented and credentialed professionals.

That’s great news! Now, all you need to do is weigh your options and focus on the type of job you’d like to pursue. Ultimately, your choice of career path should match your interests, goals, and skill set, but if you’re looking for some ideas, consider the following 3 jobs that you can pursue with your cosmetology license.


Do you have a knack for styling and making the most out of people’s hair? If so, then consider a career as a hairstylist. Hairstylists are typically motivated self-starters who like working directly with people and genuinely enjoy making others happy with their hair creations and consulting. Although requirements for becoming a licensed hairstylist may vary by state, you can typically get started with a high school diploma or equivalent and licensure.

Work opportunities are typically plentiful, and you have the option of working for a salon, renting a chair in a salon, or being your own boss—which means that you can be selective with the type of clientele you’d like to specialize in working with. If this sort of professional opportunity and freedom sounds good to you, and you’ve got the desire and skills, then this may be a smart career move for you.

Beauty blogger/vlogger

Are you a whiz with words or charismatic in front of the camera, and love nothing more than talking about the world of beauty? If this sounds like you, then consider getting started as a blogger or vlogger. This fast-growing industry has a potential audience of millions of interested individuals who follow what industry leaders, influencers, and tastemakers say about the latest and greatest in makeup, grooming, fashion, and beauty products. The venues available for getting your content to the public are wide, with everything from YouTube or Instagram Stories for video to WordPress for writing and Instagram for photo sharing—it all depends on the sort of content you’d like to make your focus.

If you build a large enough following, you can see incredible profits from advertising and sponsorships (not to mention free products from companies who want you to speak about their new offerings). If this sounds like the perfect opportunity for you, then choose a platform, polish your message, and start creating content.


If your beauty and grooming interests lie more towards skincare and spa treatments, then consider pursuing a career as an esthetician. These beauty and grooming professionals focus primarily on addressing hair and skincare issues and consulting with individuals on a wide range of issues, from laser hair removal to acne treatment, exfoliation, and personal body care.

After completing a state-approved program and passing the required licensing exam, estheticians typically work in health, wellness, beauty, and spa settings, and opportunities exist within existing, established business—or you can start your own business and be the boss. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, “Employment of skincare specialists is projected to grow 14 percent from 2016 to 2026, faster than the average for all occupations. The desire among many women and a growing number of men to reduce the effects of aging will result in employment growth. Good job opportunities are expected.”

If you’ve recently earned your cosmetology license and are looking to move forward in your career journey, consider one of these excellent options to make the most of your skills and achieve professional satisfaction and success. Good luck!

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