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3 Tips for Staying Focused at Work During the Holidays

Written by Peter Jones

Don’t let your holiday shopping, budgeting, travel-planning—or the weather!—get the better of you this season. Stay focused on wrapping up your year and gearing up for 2017.

1. Deflect the interruptions

The holidays are always extra distracting. Prepare yourself for the inevitable onslaught and don’t let yourself give in. Instead, use the interruptions to structure your day. Online shopping session? Office cookie break? Set these as deadlines for you to work toward and remain diligent until its time for your break.

2. Look for the right projects

Everyone’s schedules are erratic during the holidays. If you’re stuck working when everyone else is out of office, use the peace and quiet to get work done on your pet projects and big picture tasks. And don’t forget that holiday parties and lingering team lunches can be a great networking opportunity, rather than a waste of time.

3. Don’t take it home

Staying focused at the desk means you don’t have to stay late to get ahead or be on your email 24/7. Make sure to save your off-work hours for all of those distractions you’ve been fending off so successfully. Save time for your shopping and traveling and package-mailing and savor it. Guard it, even. And if you’re worried about getting those things done, schedule them as though they were after-hours meetings.

Being mindful about distractions and staying focused will make you more relaxed throughout the holiday season. You’ll probably find you’re way ahead of the game once the fun is over and everybody’s back at work.

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