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4 Reasons Your Resume Didn’t Get You a Job Interview

Written by Peter Jones

You spent hours crafting what you thought was the perfect resume. You sent it out with your application—which also took hours of your life—and… nothing. You never hear back from that company and you’re right back to where you started.

Here are 4 reasons your resume might have ended up in the shredder.

1. You fell prey to ATS

Most companies that have an online application have what’s called an Applicant Tracker System (ATS), designed to weed out the majority of applicants. You probably have a less than 5% chance of getting an interview when you apply online like this. Learn how to bypass any ATS and land you that interview.

2. You were too braggy

You miss-stepped on the fine tightrope between confident and over-confident, between perfect for the job and full-of-yourself. If you think this may have been the case with your resume, get an objective second opinion. You can always dial down the self-praise a few ticks.

3. Your LinkedIn is out of date

Lots of recruiters will actually compare your resume to your online profiles. If what they see doesn’t match, they’ll assume you’re being dishonest about something—in one forum or the other. Make sure to keep your LinkedIn profile updated side-by-side with your resume and this won’t be a problem.

4. You didn’t include numbers

You didn’t put enough quantity into your qualities. Make sure when selling your accomplishments, you include a few facts and figures that the recruiter can take to the hiring manager to show you can deliver when it counts.

Make one of these faux pas? Never fear. At least now you know. Fix these problems, then concentrate on making your resume good enough to convince a recruiter in six seconds or less. Then try and get it in front of actual humans, through new or existing connections.


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