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4 Ways to Increase your Hireability as a Medical Coder and Biller

Written by Sheryl Posnick

In order to remain marketable as a medical coder and biller, you must keep your skills sharp and your head in the game. Here are 5 steps that will keep your resume at the top of any hiring pile:

1. Stay on top of industry news

Do your best to be an informed professional. Read everything you can get your hands on about industry trends and changes, subscribe to any available newsletters, and attend local gatherings of peers. Doing so will lead you to the next tip:

2. Network–and not just online

While you should definitely play an an active role on online industry boards and keep in touch via social media, there’s no substitute for face-to-face meetings. The more people who know and respect your skills, the higher the chances someone will remember your face and name and recommend you when there’s a position up for grabs.

3. Increase your earning potential

The more experience you have, the more industry credentials you’re able to earn (such as RHIT, HRHIA, and CPC-P). Adding certifications to your resume means you’re more attractive to potential hiring managers and are available to take on higher ranking positions.

4. Prioritize ICD-10

Don’t get left behind come this October, when the U.S. transitions to the ICD-10 coding system. If you haven’t started learning the new system’s coding and billing, start now.

Treat maintenance of your coding and billing skills and industry contacts as a major part of your job to leave no doubt in employers’ minds that you’ll be a dedicated and knowledgeable hire.

5 Ways to Keep Your Medical Billing and Coding Career Current


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Sheryl Posnick

Sheryl Posnick is an editor and writer living in Brooklyn, NY. She is the founder and president of Red Letter Content, an editorial company with a focus on educational, test preparation, and career readiness materials.