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5 Benefits of Accepting an Internship After College

Written by Peter Jones

Not everyone can graduate college and go straight into a full-time well-paid position. And those who do are often at entry-level. Why not consider a post-graduate internship: one year of servitude in exchange for possible future advantages?

Here are 5 benefits of accepting an internship after college.

1. Buy time

A year-long internship gives you an entire year of freedom to figure out where your interests and skills really lie and what sort of job you’d most like to be your first. It’s the best time to take stock and find the track that’s right for you, before plonking your train onto it and charging off into your professional life for good.

Soul search, network, look for new opportunities, figure out in which direction you’d most like to push yourself. And remember that a year is short and the time will likely fly.

2. Try on a new city

If you land an internship in a new place, consider it an opportunity to try that city out before committing with a permanent move. If towards the end of your internship, you find yourself less than thrilled with your physical surroundings, you’ll know where not to direct your job applications.

3. Boost your resume

Bottom line: internships make your resume look better. Most companies actually consider them a prerequisite for most quality jobs. Having this year on your resume can actually give you a competitive edge when you hit the job market for real.

4. Get paid

Most unpaid internships get away with being unpaid by offering college credit. But you’ve already graduated! They’ll have to pay you, however meekly. Take advantage of this by working extra hours whenever possible. You’ll prove your diligence and devotion, and start paying off those student loans!

5. Use your degree

Don’t want to work alongside a sophomore who just wants to spend a semester in the city partying? Don’t worry. There are internships out there especially designed for college graduates. These will value your accomplishments and help you to make the most of your degree, rather than making you feel you’ve taken a step backward.

In short, never underestimate the power of the internship to jumpstart your career.

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