5 Christmas Decoration Fails We Can ALL Relate to

Written by Kate Lopaze

‘Tis the season to see all of the holiday light displays. There are tasteful ones, mind-blowingly intricate ones, and my personal favorite: the “what were you thinking?” ones.

1. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to have an angry mob on your doorstep… (via Heavy)


2. “Well, kids, Santa just doesn’t have time to stop at a Starbucks bathroom like everyone else.” (via Heavy)


3. This one was voted Most Likely to Get a Lecture from Police After Daily 911 Calls. (via Huffington Post)


4. “You wanted lights. I put up the damn lights.” (via Funny Junk)



5. Always make sure you proofread your letter to Santa, lest it ends up in the wrong inbox. (via Imgur)


Happy Holidays, everyone!

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