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5 Easy Ways to Bond With New Coworkers

Written by Peter Jones

Making friends as a grownup can be really hard. Particularly making friends at work, when you’re the new kid and don’t yet know the dynamics of your office. But there are a few easy steps you can take to make inroads.

1. Think Outside the Office

Grab a coffee or a drink at happy hour after work. Ask questions (not pushy or invasive ones!) and find out about your co-workers’ interests.

2. Quit The Smack Talk

Everyone needs to grumble about work now and then—and a nice round of complaining with your co-workers can be just the key to get things off your chest. But be careful not to overdo it. It’s easy to step on toes or alienate people who might have a different take on things. Concentrate on the positive instead!

3. Stick To Common Ground

Find things you have in common with your co-workers and steer the conversation towards your shared interests. It shows you listen to what they care about and you can open up a discussion about something non-work-related (always a welcome break!).

4. Collaborate

Ask for guidance or a fresh pair of eyes on your project. Your co-workers will be flattered to know you recognize what they do well and respect them for it. Plus you’ll prove yourself as someone who is capable and cooperative.

5. Share the Glory

Don’t be one of those people who constantly takes all the credit. Make sure to point out who helped you out and try not to toot your own horn—even if you did something toot-worthy!

Try these simple workplace hacks and you’ll be well on your way to making friends in your new office. When in doubt, just remember to do your job and be sincere.

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