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5 of the most flexible jobs to get in 2019

Written by Kate Lopaze

The 9-to-5 grind in an office or cubicle just isn’t for everybody. And if you have a number of demands on your plate (like taking care of a family or going to school), that format just may not work for you at all. More and more employers are accommodating their employees who need a different kind of work-life balance, but still, want and need meaningful jobs. Let’s look at some of the best, most flexible jobs for 2019.

1. Sales Representative

Sales representatives can be found in virtually every industry. These professionals sell an organization’s goods or services to potential customers and clients. If you’re not interested in the 9-to-5 at a desk, a traveling sales position could be the right choice. This is a highly customizable career making it one of the most flexible jobs you could get.

What it pays: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, sales representatives make a median annual salary of $61,660.

What you’ll need: Requirements vary, but most salespeople need at least a high school diploma and a bachelor’s degree.

2. Rideshare Driver

If you have a car and a valid driver’s license and want the kind of job where you can make your own hours, driving for ridesharing apps like Uber and Lyft can be a great option.

What it pays: On average, full-time rideshare drivers make a salary of $36,525. This can vary depending on the number of hours driven, the location, and the number of trips.

What you’ll need: Drivers need to have a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record, plus a car that can pass inspections. Drivers are typically required to pass a background check as well.

3. Virtual Assistant

If you like admin work but don’t want to be in a standard office, you might want to consider becoming a virtual assistant. These admins provide support for specific projects or handle administrative tasks remotely (like research, scheduling, writing, or bookkeeping). There are agencies that hire these admins, but you can also work on your own as a freelance contractor.

What it pays: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, administrative assistants make a median annual salary of $38,880. This can vary depending on whether you work full-time or on a project or part-time basis.

What you’ll need: Assistants typically have a high school diploma at minimum, with some employers requiring a bachelor’s degree or specialty education.

4. Dental Hygienist

This may sound like a traditional 9-to-5 kind of job, but in reality, dental hygienists often work flexible schedules, making it an ideal option if you’re interested in healthcare but need flexible hours. Many dental offices are open limited hours for cleanings, x-rays, and other tasks performed by hygienists. Dental hygienists are responsible for cleaning teeth, performing basic examinations, assisting dentists, and educating patients on proper dental or follow-up care.

What it pays: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, dental hygienists make a median annual salary of $74,820.

What you’ll need: Dental hygienists typically complete an associate’s degree or an accredited dental hygienist program. All states require that dental hygienists be licensed, so be sure to find out what that means in your state.

5. Graphic Designer

With our increasingly digital, visual society, graphic designers are in high demand. It also has the benefit of being a career where you can pursue a full-time job with a particular company, or start your own business and determine your own hours and projects. Graphic design makes for one of the most flexible jobs and is often one that can be done from anywhere you have your computer and a wifi connection.

Graphic designers create visual concepts for websites, marketing or advertising materials, books, or magazines, usually on a project basis. Basically, if there are words or pictures on something, a graphic designer likely had a hand in the layout and design.

What it pays: According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, graphic designers make a median annual salary of $50,370 per year.

What you’ll need: Graphic designers typically have a degree or background in the field. Creativity and a strong customer service focus (since designers usually work directly with clients) are strong pluses in this field as well.

Whatever your background and interests may be, chances are there’s a flexible career out there that can meet your needs for work-life balance.

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Kate Lopaze

Kate Lopaze is a writer, editor, and digital publishing professional based in New York City. A graduate of the University of Connecticut and Emerson College with degrees in English and publishing, she is passionate about books, baseball, and pop culture (though not necessarily in that order), and lives in Brooklyn with her dog.