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5 Reasons You Just Had a Really Bad Interview

Written by Peter Jones

So you went in to interview for your dream job, and you didn’t get it. You probably had a bad interview. No big deal! Here are 5 things you might have done wrong, and how you can fix that next time around.

1. You Dressed for Failure

If you didn’t dress for success, you stacked the deck against yourself before you even started. Appearances do matter, particularly for job interviews and first impressions in general. Was your clothing loose, wrinkled, inappropriate, too casual, dirty, or stained? Next time consult a trusted friend, relative, or colleague to help you pick out an outfit that will help present you in a better light.

2. Your Body Language is Lacking

It’s possible you came across as nervous or standoffish or untrustworthy, just by biting your nails or looking in weird directions or crossing your arms. Next time, have that same trusted advisor talk you through a mock interview and take note of any suspect body language you might not know you’re using. Then fix it before the real deal.

3. Your Tone is Off

The tone of what you say is almost as important as saying the right things. Were you too quiet? Too talkative? Too confident? Not confident enough? To make sure your delivery is as good as your material, mock interview with this in mind as well. And practice until you nail it.

4. Your Pitch is Lacking

Don’t ever forget that an interview is an opportunity to sell yourself. Don’t just show up and answer questions; come armed with every thing you can. A professional portfolio, a list of your accomplishments or awards… or send a digital version before you even walk through the door. Remember, you’re the product. Make sure you make them see how much they want you.

5. You Didn’t Do Your Homework

The research you do before an interview is crucial. If you didn’t figure out everything you possibly could about the company, the position, your interviewer—even the CEO—before you came in to interview, then you set yourself up for failure. Don’t let that happen next time!

Remember: practice makes perfect. Drill yourself until you’re sure you’re not making any of these mistakes.

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