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5 Signs You May Be the Right Person for the Job

Written by Joanna Hughes

Jobs are anything but one size fits all. In fact, another candidate’s “perfect” position may be your employment nightmare. So how do you know which job promises success and fulfillment and which job harbors only frustration and failure? The short answer? You don’t. But there are some signs to look for throughout the process which can indicate that you’re indeed the right person for the job. Let’s count them down.

1. You’re Charged Up By the Thought of the Job

Are you thrilled by the mere thought of the roles and responsibilities involved with a particular job or specific company? Would you wake up every morning looking forward to getting to work and making a contribution? If so, this is a strong indication that the job may be a terrific fit.

If, however, you feel more excited about getting any job than about the specifics of the job at hand, this should trigger an alarm.

2. You’ll Be Crushed If You Don’t Get It

No one likes to be rejected. But if the thought of being rejected from a particular job is especially crushing, this may indicate that the job offers a unique opportunity. After all, there are hundreds of thousands of different jobs available at any given moment. If your heart is set on this one above everything else in the job classifieds section, you’re probably the right person for the job.

3. It’s In Line With Your Career Goals

Have you always dreamed of working in a specific industry or of being responsible for a certain set of core job functions? If a job offers the opportunity to realize your goals and ambitions, it’s a natural leap to the conclusion that it’s not only the right job for you, but an unprecedented opportunity.

Alternatively, if a job feels like a detour from your career path or a step in an uncertain direction, it merits more consideration: can it ultimately help you reach your career goals?

4. You’re a Good Culture Fit

Today’s employers are increasingly prioritizing cultural fit — as opposed to mere functional fit — as an important part of the hiring process. This consideration should go both ways. If your beliefs and core values are aligned with a prospective company’s views on everything from collaboration to work/life balance to giving back to the community, this bodes well for your level of satisfaction, productivity, and staying power.

5. There’s Plenty of Room for Growth

A job that’s a good fit for you at this particular moment in time may not be a good fit for you five years from now. The “right” job is not just one that makes sense in the here and now, but is also one with plenty of room for growth.

The potential for advancement can also help keep you motivated, inspired and engaged on the job — critical attributes when it comes to professional fulfillment.

Ultimately, it’s impossible to know with absolute certainty whether a job is the right one for you. However, these five tips can help you make the most informed and beneficial decision.

About the author

Joanna Hughes

Joanna Hughes is a freelance writer who specializes in business, human resources and the job market. She lives with her family in the beautiful White Mountains region of New Hampshire.