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5 Signs You Might Get Fired

Written by Peter Jones

Sometimes we get so comfortable in day-to-day work life that we forget jobs today come with much less security. Rather than becoming complacent, keep yourself attuned and on the lookout for the following red flags so you can fix the problem and save your job—or at least prepare for the worst by looking for a new one.

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1. You’re out of the loop

Whether it’s the most recent report on company profits or just the details of the next co-worker happy hour, if you find yourself not getting as much or the same quality intel as your colleagues, that might be a sign you’re being phased out. Particularly watch for your managers or bosses changing the subject from company matters when you enter the conversation.

2. Your workload is lessening

Are some of your projects getting passed along to newer hires or to people down the ladder? Do you find yourself getting tasked with duties you’ve not done in months or years? When your responsibilities start to shrink, that’s a good sign your position will, too.

3. Management is changing

Every time a company shakes up its structure, chances are a few jobs will be lost. Be vigilant at times of restructuring and rebranding to make sure you’re being considered for the newer outlook.

4. You’ve made mistakes

Even one mistake—if big enough—can cost you your job. But if you haven’t done anything drastic like fraud or passing company secrets to competitors, it’s still possible that you’re making small mistakes and might be considered a liability. The best solution here is to always own your errors and take immediate, proactive steps to minimize the damage. The rest is up to your boss.

5. They sent you on vacation

Forced furloughs or compulsory vacations are one way your bosses can get you out of the office if they’re thinking about firing you and need to prepare a case—or sometimes just to see how vital your role actually is. If your boss asks you to take vacation, that might be a good time to have an honest and upfront conversation about where you stand. Better to know the truth; then you can spend your holiday looking for another job!

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