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5 Ways to Stay Focused and Stop Procrastinating

Written by Jessie Liu

Procrastination, whether at work or home, is common to human nature. Sometimes, it might be procrastinating about small things such as taking your favorite suit to the dry cleaners. Sometimes, it may be something more important such as being late to turn a report in at work. There are tips that might help you to alter your mindset and remain focused. In the end, these small changes can break your procrastination habit as you find yourself getting much more accomplished.


Looking at the Big Picture

When faced with a large project, it is sometimes simpler to break it up into sections so you can focus on one part at a time. By doing this, the task seems less overwhelming. Start with the hardest part first, and the rest will be easier to complete.


Set a Personal Deadline

Maybe you actually do have an office or home deadline to meet. For example, that big project for your boss is due on a certain date. At home, maybe your child needs help with a science project. By setting your own personal deadline ahead of the actual due dates, you will not be rushed to finish the project. Gather things together first, keep it organized and set yourself a schedule to do the work.


Schedule Your Time

To avoid being overwhelmed, you can schedule ten-minute breaks each hour. It gives you time to get something to drink, stretch your legs a bit and collect your thoughts. Write down what you want to accomplish each day and stick to the schedule. Once you are able to see the progress you are making, you’ll be encouraged to keep going. Eventually, you may no longer need those short breaks.


Remove Distractions

It can be difficult to keep your mind on what you are doing when you are faced with distractions. When you work at a part-time computer job, the Internet is a big distraction. You have to learn to ignore it, and save the Internet for when you have reached your goal for the day. Your mobile phone letting you know that you have messages or calls is one of them. Place your cell phone a few feet away or, better yet, in another room while working and try to resist the temptation to pick it up. An extended texting session or repeated phone calls can eat up your work time.


Plan Ahead for the Day

You’ve been working for a while and get the munchies. Trips to the pantry for a snack can cut into your productivity, especially since that trip to the kitchen can take several minutes. It might be a good idea to prepare snacks for the following day, and place them beside you while you work.


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