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The 6 Highest Paying Remote Jobs and How to Land Them

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Written by Amanda Nunez

The ability to work remotely used to be a coveted job perk, reserved for those lucky few who found a position allowing employees to complete tasks while stationed where they please—usually from home. In early 2020, this view on remote roles suddenly became part of a pre-pandemic work culture mindset, as the world-altering virus forced many employers to rethink the need for their workers to travel into and perform duties from a designated location.

Working remotely allows you to save money, maintain better sleep and meal schedules, work while tending to pets or young children, and remain in comfort while completing their workday. 

If you long for a change of pace or are ready to get rid of your commute, one of these six remote jobs could be ideal – and they come with highly competitive pay. Here are the six highest paying remote positions.

Sales Director

A sales director helps guide the sales operations of a business. While this position may require some travel, such as visits to retail locations or conference attendance to stay up on current industry trends, it can be an excellent remote position.

A sales director is usually the one who creates plans to meet sales goals. They may also oversee profit margins and maintain relationships with distributors and customers. In order to become a Sales Director, you must be able to sell yourself and your ideas. That means excellent communication skills, be able to work under pressure, and be able to lead a team.

Since they’re responsible for a company’s profitability, a sales director’s pay is usually in line with that responsibility. Sales Directors can expect to make anywhere from $100,000 to $220,000.

Human Resources Director

Organizations employ human resources directors to implement and enforce policies that guide their mission and workplace culture. Often, this employee is also in charge of ensuring the legality of employer-employee relations and implementing a company’s hiring strategy. 

Although it might not seem like it, the path to becoming a human resources director is relatively straight-forward. The key is to have the correct education and experience. A degree related to human resources or business administration is always a plus, but other degrees may be useful as well. Experience in the field is also important, and most directors have several years of relevant work experience under their belt.

A Human Resources Director is a high paying role that shoulders a large amount of responsibility, with a range from $88,000 to $180,000 considered average salary for the position.

Remote Customer Support Specialist

Thanks to the pandemic, many slow-moving advancements were accelerated to allow for workers to perform their duties while staying safe. One of those was the implementation of advanced cloud-based technology that allowed customer support specialists to take calls from home without the need to drive to their call center or other central workplace. 

Becoming a remote customer support specialist is a great option if you want to work from home. If you have excellent communication skills, are patient, and have a strong knowledge of computer systems, you will be a great fit for this remote position. 

Remote customer support specialists can focus on a number of different industries and these positions usually feature room for growth. The low end could be as little as $25,000 annually, but that growth can lead to as much as $60,000 a year on average.

Remote Recruiting Coordinator

Recruiting coordinators work to fill positions based on an employer’s needs, and can either work for one large organization, many smaller organizations or a staffing firm that matches temporary or permanent employees with an employer. 

The most important skill you need for this position is communication. Afterall, as a recruiting coordinator your duties include being able to communicate with candidates, hiring managers, and other team members effectively. In addition, time-management and mulit-tasking are also important skills to succeed in this position.

Depending on your level of experience and geographical location, you can make anywhere from $72,000 to $109,000 as a remote recruiting coordinator.

Clinical Trial Manager

As its name might suggest, taking this position means managing clinical trials. You’ll be completing all pertinent tasks for a successful trial, including safety compliance, patient recruitment, reporting results, and ensuring that the trial runs smoothly—including making any necessary adjustments to allow that to happen. 

To become a Clinical Trial Manager, you first need to acquire an undergraduate degree or masters in the sciences. After that, you can become a research associate and gain experience in clinical research. If you want to increase your employment options, pursue further education like a clinical research postgraduate diploma as well as a professional diploma for Clinical Trial Management.

Salaries for Clinical Trial Managers range from $68,000 to $137,000.


Much like other professions, healthcare providers have recently embraced technology in a way that hasn’t been seen before. Because of this, professionals may have the opportunity to work from home, video conferencing with patients while logging into their employer’s databases remotely to input necessary information. 

In this space, psychologists are in a discipline that’s well-suited to take advantage of the opportunity to work remotely. Patients can see their remote psychologists in private and from a comfortable place, while psychologists can still speak with patients and observe their patterns or behaviors. Additionally, new ways of seeking mental health treatment, such as through apps, have opened new job opportunities for psychologists. 

After completing a bachelor’s degree as well as a relevant post-graduate program, psychologists should expect to make $55,000 to $124,000.

How to Land a High Paying Remote Job

As the workforce changes, employee expectations shift, and technology advances, the traditional workday takes on a versatility that’s enjoyed by a growing number of full-time and part-time professions. In addition to this list of six positions, there are many more types of remote jobs that pay well and are in-demand. If you’re in the market for a change and you’re looking for some of the highest paying remote jobs, check out TheJobNetwork’s remote work job board

Just like traditional jobs, some of the highest pay requires experience and specialized knowledge, but there will be accessible opportunities that either provide on-the-job training or have more general requirements. Regardless of your current skill level, starting your search today is the fastest path towards a remote job!

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