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6 Jobs With Amazing Benefits and Perks

Written by Peter Jones

a lot of jobs hover around the same salary range, and seem sort of boring around the edges. if you’re straining to pick what you want to be when you grow up, and you appreciate the quirkier and slightly more original job perks package, then these 6 jobs might be for you.

1. flight attendant

being a flight attendant is kind of like being a waitress in a sealed capsule, traveling very long distances. the people can be grumpy, the job physically demanding, but you also have the benefit of seeing many different parts of the world. there’s good insurance, tuition assistance, excellent travel options like reciprocal travel agreements, and you won’t ever have to work a typical 9-5. the job can be demanding, both physically and emotionally, but it will rarely be boring.

2. circus artist

few people can threaten to run off and join the circus. but if you happen to have a talent or penchant for physical theatre or performance, and the chutzpah to make it in this punishing world, then it isn’t quite as ridiculous as it might sound. circus performers, though they must be incredibly skilled, make great money, travel widely, and are given generous meal and lodging allowances, not to mention the close knit family of a group of performers on tour. if you have the heart and soul required, it can be an incredibly exciting career.

3. journalist

obviously, you would need a significant talent for writing, plus the ability to work in a fast-paced high-stress environment. it won’t pay as much as many other sexy fields, but you really can get access to corners of the world you may never have dreamed of. you can see and record things—be at the center of history, and really make a difference writing about things you truly care about.

4. radio dj

if you love music and have an extensive enough collection, you might consider breaking into this field. imagine spending your day spinning your favorite tunes and chatting up a devoted audience. sound like more fun than pushing paper? well it is. you won’t work typical hours, but you’ll get lots of comp tickets and swag, not to mention the ability to meet people in the music industry, and you’ll spend hours and hours listening to the music that you love.

5. personal assistant

it doesn’t sound as sexy as some other possible careers, but a personal assistant actually gets some great perks for that low salary and high number of hours required to get her job done. the job is demanding, but if you happen to work for someone famous or fantastic, then you’re in for some sweet perks. you could end up tagging along at red carpet events, fancy dinners, epic vacations, and though you might have to work the whole time you are in it, you’ll have a taste of access to the vip world.

6. sommelier

if you love wine and have a keen nose and palate, this is for you. imagine getting paid to obsess over the tiniest details of the most exquisite wines, and then tasting them, for a living. at the master level, you could make a lot of money, but even a new sommelier will have the chance to travel, taste some of the best and rarest wines out there, pair those wines with delicious gourmet food, and chat to people from around the world. the hours are long, but the life is indisputably good for an aspiring enologist.

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