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6 Reasons to Seek a Job in Health Care

Written by Joanna Hughes

The health care field has always been a solid place to seek employment, and moving forward, the field is expected to add five million jobs by 2022—one-third of the total number of all jobs added by that time! This increase of jobs in health care is largely the result of an aging population and changes to the health insurance system. In 2014, health care jobs grew over 50 percent more than the previous year, according to Forbes.

In addition to job security, a career in health care also comes with bonuses you won’t find in most other professions.

Employee Satisfaction

One of the reasons the health care field is a good place to work is because of the fulfillment employees find in their jobs. Employers in the health care field seem to go that extra mile to ensure that employees are content and feel welcomed and comfortable on the job. One new study by Great Place to Work® gives interesting insight into what makes an employee happy and inspires loyalty to a health care company.

Health Care Companies Show Appreciation

One of the major reasons health care employees state they are happy with their jobs are constant tokens of appreciation from their employers. Some health care providers hold town hall meetings to hear what employees have to say. Others host a monthly breakfasts for groups of employees. Others offer free meals at lunchtime or cater meals and hold birthday parties for all employees.

Job Perks

Perks are an important reason why health care jobs are popular. Health care workers work long hours and are on their feet for extended periods of time. Fitness classes, gym memberships, and free or subsidized health care are common, along with more unusual perks such as ping pong and arcade games on-site! One health care provider even supplies a concierge service to run errands for employees. A North Carolina health care company has vegetable gardens that are maintained by employees and a walking trail for fresh air and exercise.

A Family-Friendly Work Atmosphere

One feature these winning health care facilities have in common is that the people who run them go out of their way to make the employees feel like family. Employees who feel a personal connection work harder and go out of their way to help others. An Ohio facility holds events like Easter egg hunts for children and pet picture contests to encourage a sense of togetherness and camaraderie. A California company is both family and pet friendly, with the view that work and life demands require balance.

Education Is Encouraged

Several facilities in Missouri and Texas encourage employees to continue with their education, while one Texas health care facility even offers courses that employees may take for career advancement. A Tennessee facility offers tuition reimbursement as incentive for employees to further their education.

Bonuses to Augment Pay

Most employees of these health care facilities agree that they receive adequate pay; however, additional perks are added to the pay structure in some cases. One Florida facility offers its employees no-interest loans and an Ohio company hands out frequent bonuses in appreciation. A New Jersey company offers a four-week vacation period for employees who work full-time and has childcare facilities on the site. It also allots one day’s pay for the employee to do volunteer work and donates the money raised to charity on an annual basis.

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Joanna Hughes

Joanna Hughes is a freelance writer who specializes in business, human resources and the job market. She lives with her family in the beautiful White Mountains region of New Hampshire.