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6 Tips for Becoming a Great Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistant
Written by Jessie Liu

Working as an administrative assistant can be an exciting job with many different duties. Employers seeking an administrative assistant look for certain talents and attributes to pick the right individual for the job. Learning a few tips to become a great administrative assistant makes your work easier and puts you in the spotlight for potential raises and a higher standing with your company.

Fine Tune Your Skills With Apps

The ability to use Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook is a given when working as an administrative assistant. However, increasing those skills adds to your professional abilities. For example, by learning how to make a PowerPoint presentation and having the ability to use other apps that are useful to the company, you increase your skills and your worth as an administrative assistant.

Heighten Your Communication Skills

Excellent communication skills within the office environment is necessary to be a successful administrative assistant since this individual is often the first one approached with questions. Frequently, the administrative assistant writes letters, memos and handles correspondence. The use of proper grammar and punctuation can benefit from taking courses to improve writing skills. In addition, an administrative assistant deals with the public and is often the first contact with a client. The ability to handle communication needs and service to the public is a measure of an administrative assistant’s ability to do a superlative job.

Work on Your Organizational Skills

The organizational skills of an administrative assistant are important because you have to lay your hand on a document or file quickly. Finding an organization system that works well for both executives and staff is important. Ensure that calendars and work are kept up to date and proceed on schedule. The additional ability to foresee what needs attention next helps ensure that work gets done in a timely manner and helps your boss free more time for other concerns.

Learn How to Oversee the Office Equipment

It is important to an office that computers, copiers, fax machines and other equipment are operational and in good working order. The administrative assistant can have the duty to ensure that equipment is repaired. In addition, supplies needed to run the office, from copy paper and ink cartridges to writing paper and pens, are the responsibility of the administrative assistant. Keeping a close eye on inventory and reordering when necessary ensures that the office will continue to run smoothly.

Display Your Leadership Abilities

Besides the qualifications on your resume, having experience outside the office shows that you have an interest in learning and are a team player. Professional organizations and work as a volunteer looks good on a resume and shows your commitment to professionalism.

Act in a Professional Manner

Although you probably have a friendly relationship with your co-workers, it is important to remember that you are in the office to do your job and a serious attitude toward work is expected. Maintaining a professional demeanor, avoiding gossip and keeping quiet about company business is a vital quality for an administrative assistant.

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