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7 careers in finance you should consider

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So, you’ve decided to pursue a career in the world of finance. You have made a wise choice! Finance professionals, including accountants and financial advisors, will always be on the list of most desirable jobs, and the reason is simple. Every person and company needs money to grow and thrive, and those funds must be organized accordingly.

When you get your financial degree, you are opening yourself up to a slew of interesting jobs across a broad spectrum of industries. Let’s take a look at some of the classic positions that you will find along with some exciting up and coming careers that are making a big impression.

Accounting jobs

When most students go to university with an interest in finance, they typically have their eye on an accounting position, which is a wise choice as just about every business needs an accountant to control their finances. The requirements to be an accountant include math, budgeting, and technology skills, incredible attention to detail, and a knack for strategic planning. If you can learn all of that, then you can fit into any number of accounting positions.

Staff Accountant

As a staff accountant, you can work for any entity from private businesses to government agencies as you engage in many different activities, from preparing taxes and annual reports to working in accounts payable and receivable.

Tax Law Expert

If you decide to become a tax expert, you will have a career for life, because as everyone knows, taxes are one of life’s constants. Because tax code can become incredibly complex, this position is essential for any business. If you have the analytical skills to understand tax code, then you could work for law firms, accounting firms, and more. You can even start your own practice.


If you are an accounting expert and you want to ensure that all businesses follow the guidelines that you hold dear, then you could become an auditor. Essentially, an auditor analyzes financial records to ensure that all corporate finances are orderly and compliant. If they aren’t, then you will be responsible for reporting what went wrong.

Beyond Accounting

While any of the standard accounting positions are incredibly essential to our way of life, when it comes to business and finance, there are other careers that you could try once you have your accounting skills in check. While the following positions may not use accounting skills during all parts of the day, said skills are essential for success.

Fintech Software Engineer

The world of technology is evolving at an alarming pace, and this surge is creating a slew of new financial applications that anyone can use to maintain their finances at home and on the go. Financial technology, or fintech, can include everything from mobile banking apps to robo-advisors, so if you have programming skills in addition to finance prowess, then you could enter into a very creative and profitable career as a software engineer. The average salary for this position is over $90K a year, and with a specialization such as fintech, it would likely be much higher.

Commercial Real Estate Agent

If you have an accounting background along with a strong personality and sales skills, then you could also be a commercial real estate agent. While it is important to sell a property that is visually appealing, you also need to make sure that the new acquisition fits into the company’s financial plans. If you can crunch the numbers and present them confidently during your pitch, then you could be a real estate sales guru. In addition to financial success, real estate agents also have the opportunity to be their own boss and work a more open schedule.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain careers

If you are looking to do something completely new with your finance degree where you may find yourself on the ground floor of a revolutionary new industry, then you may want to investigate careers in blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is an electronic form of currency that is stored and shared via electronic wallets. Not only is cryptocurrency easier to store, but by using a technology called cryptography, electronic funds are also more secure than standard transactions. Another aspect that makes cryptocurrency secure is the use of blockchain technology, which is as it sounds, a connection of blocks of data that cannot be modified except by the original creator.

Because of the incredible security that blockchain provides, it is a component of many financial services and a slew of new industries. For instance, healthcare companies are beginning to use blockchain to keep patient records Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant when they are transferred between offices. Since both of these technologies are still evolving, they create many new career opportunities.

Blockchain Developer

With your newfound experience in cryptocurrency, you could become a blockchain developer, where you can create new systems or build existing models for these exciting industries. If you can create new uses to evolve this technology, then the sky’s the limit for what you can achieve.

Blockchain Project Manager

If you have the accounting and technology background, but you are more interested in the management space, then you could become a project manager for these vast blockchain projects. Project managers need to have strong multitasking abilities in addition to communication and organization skills. If you have these abilities, then project management can be a very fulfilling career choice.

In the end, the many vast careers that you can have in the finance space are only limited by your willingness to succeed. Take the time to learn more about these exciting opportunities, study towards them, and create a bright future in the finance industry.

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