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7 Facts about a Career in Logistics

Written by Miranda Pennington

A typical logistics career means working in supply chain management—making sure materials and products make their way from vendor to merchant in a timely and efficient fashion, while minimizing costs along the way. If that sounds like a match for your skills of organization and multi-tasking, read on for some helpful tips from Elizabeth Xu from the Rasmussen College blog.

1. Logistics jobs are growing faster than the national average.

Any growth is good, but if you’re hoping to break into the logistics career path, knowing that it’s growing twice as fast as all the other occupations out there should be especially encouraging!

2. There aren’t enough candidates to fill logistics positions.

With great growth comes great opportunities, and behind-the-scenes work like coordinating logistics is great example. Currently there is greater demand than readily available employees. Take advantage of a shortage of qualified candidates to get your foot in the door!

According to Fortune.com, logistics companies will be looking to fill 1.4 million jobs in the next 3 years. Start polishing your resume today!

3. Education is the key

You can get by associate’s degree for some positions, but 70% of employers prefer candidates who’ve secured their bachelor’s degree as the field becomes more demanding and complex thanks to globalization, technology, and a rapidly expanding industry. Consider degrees in business, communications, and any project management certifications available to you as an undergrad.

4. Work locations can vary

It helps to be flexible if you’re looking for a career in logistics—you may find yourself dashing from factories to offices or on the road performing industry research. Know what your options are and be ready to hustle to be the right fit for the job.

5. It’s a high-pressure job

As a logistics officer you may be the last line of defense when it comes to explaining why a shipment was late or a delivery mis-scheduled.  Can you stay calm and collected when the heat is on and your clients need answers? Be reliable and accountable, and you can find your way to a promotion up the ladder and out of the more stressful entry-level positions.

6. SCM (Supply Chain Management) understanding is crucial

While logistics are an essential cog in the machine, it’s even more important to understand how you contribute to the big picture. The American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS) offers courses and training to help you understand your role and how the other moving parts work together.

7. It’s been dubbed a “Best Business Job” by U.S. News and World Report!

Logistics has been ranked number 26 on their list of 100 Best Jobs for its median salary ($73,400), job prospects, and stress level. Best cities to work in logistics included Washington D.C. and San Jose, California.

If you’re ready for a complex, rewarding, and intense career path, logistics just might be the dream job for you!

7 Things You Need to Know About a Career in Logistics

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