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7 Healthcare Jobs that Require No Experience

Written by Peter Jones

There’s no doubt healthcare is a booming industry, with tons of diverse well-paying jobs with good benefits and job security. You’re smart to want in. But what if you don’t have any healthcare experience or educational background? Don’t fear: not all healthcare jobs require it.

Here are 7 healthcare jobs in the industry that don’t require any particular prior experience or training to get hired. So go ahead, get your foot in that door.

1. Home care aide

Work in care facilities or in people’s homes assisting elderly and/or disabled patients with day-to-day functions and activities. You’ll be doing a lot of household labor, as well as interfacing with families, but you’ll start at just over $20k per year and get good training in the process.

2. Medical assistant

Work in a physician’s office or clinic—in any specialty—doing normal administrative duties plus some extra bookkeeping and records-keeping that are particular to the field, plus assisting with minor medical duties and procedures. Great experience, great first opportunity, great starting salary (approximately $30k per year).

3. Medical biller

Basically handling the money—from patients, from insurers, and maintaining records. You can work in any number of health care facilities and settings, and make over $33k in your first year.

4. Medical secretary

Help manage a medical office. You’ll coordinate everything—from administrative duties, to supply ordering, to schedule keeping, communication, and liaising with doctors. You can choose from several different work environments and make over $32k per year.

5. Nursing assistant

Work as an assistant in nursing and patient care and get hands-on experience with patients working with trained staff. Help the pros with logistics and keeping patients comfortable while picking up valuable hours in the field. Expect to make between $25 and $26k per year.

6. OT aide

Consider working as an aide for an Occupational Therapist in their offices or clinics, helping to rehabilitate patients with mental or physical impairments. You’ll work mostly handling equipment and administrative tasks, but you’ll gain great experience and make almost $32k per year.

7. Psychiatric Aide

Do the incredibly good and hard work of helping patients who have been confined to mental health facilities. You’ll have tons of good patient care experience under your belt, make over $27k per year, and have done important work in the process.

No matter where you’re starting out, you can always get started in the health care field. Just find yourself a suitable entry-level gig and start working your way up.

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