Changing Jobs

7 Reasons Why It’s Never Too Late To Change Your Career

Written by Peter Jones

Leaving a job can be enormously stressful, and very daunting. And sometimes leaving in a fit of rash frustration is not the way to go. But there are circumstances in which it’s a very prudent—even life changing—thing to change careers.

If you suspect this might apply to you, and that you’re ready for a change—even if that means leaving your contacts and colleagues, many of which have now become your friends—then watch this little video and psych yourself up.


Then think of all these reasons why you’re making the right call.

1. You’ll Gain More Knowledge

Changing careers means being brand new to a job again. Remember your super intense learning curve at your first job? Remember how that curve tapered off and flat-lined eventually as you got more settled in? Once you’ve mastered your current job, you stagnate. Putting yourself in a situation where you haven’t yet mastered something means you’ll broaden your knowledge base and learn a lot—fast.

2. New Challenges are Great

If your current job doesn’t challenge you anymore, that’s a great sign it’s time to go. Bend your comfort zones a bit, and expand your horizons. Put yourself in a situation where you’re not absolutely sure you’re on top of everything every day you go to your desk—a bit of risk and fear and having to rush to keep up or excel will be great for your morale. Maybe it’s just plain time for a change.

3. You’ll Increase Your Earning Power

It’s possible that your skills might be even more valuable in another industry, or in another kind of company structure. Start looking around to see what your counterparts are making in other industries, and take the leap.

4. No More Toxic Stress

Your current job—let’s face it—is making you physically sick. Your immune system is shot. You’re exhausted. You’re grumpy all the time. Maybe this is because you’re bored, or on the contrary, you’re under far too much pressure. Maybe you just cannot stand your boss—or your coworkers are hostile and insufferable. Either way, no job is worth sacrificing your health. Reboot and reset somewhere fresh.

5. Finding Firmer Ground

Sometimes it’s just plain time to wake up and smell the sinking ship. If your company is going under or merging, or your industry is changing—and not in a way that you think will be good for you, then getting yourself somewhere more stimulating and secure could be your lifeboat.

6. Growth Opportunities

Changing careers can give you a way to use all of your assets and talents. To expand as far as you can within your skills, and to grow as high as you can up the ladder. Get vertical! Get promoted! Get a raise! Do the things you’ve always wanted to do.

7. A Renewed Sense of Purpose

If you do successfully change careers, at least you get to feel totally at the helm of your own boat. You’re living your life with purpose—and making decisions that are best for you and where you want to end up. When you take charge of such things, you gain valuable confidence.

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