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7 Workplace Tips For Getting a Promotion

Written by Peter Jones

Getting a promotion is often a matter of taking the right strategy. Here are a few workplace tips that will make sure you stay at the top of your game at the office and beyond.

Don’t flaunt your lateness


Okay, so you’re running a few minutes late. No big deal. But if you’re running a few minutes late because you wanted to stop at Starbucks and there was a huge line? Problem. Whatever your reason for swanning in tardy, don’t come in with a cup of freshly purchased coffee in your hand.

Watch your email tone


You think you’re being professional, but your client is persnickety. Or even if they aren’t—you just want to double check. Reread your email to yourself out loud in the snarkiest, most sarcastic tone possible. Still pass muster? Send away. But if you noticed any red flags where even you would see yourself getting offended, it might be prudent to rephrase.

Coworkers stealing your pens?


Be super devious and buy a bunch of red (refillable) pens and a bunch of blue ink cartridge refills. (This only works with a brand that has the same model pen in both colors, but it’s a great cheat.) Then put the blue cartridges in the red pens. No one ever “borrows” a red pen. You’ll never find yourself at your desk without a pen again!

Coworkers asking for money for their kids?


You know the drill. “My kid is selling ____ for ______.” Or worse! “My kid is raising money for the ________.” Instead of coughing up money to your coworker, give them your phone number and ask that their kids call you themselves, any time after 6pm. You won’t get many phone calls. And the kids that do call will have learned to put in the extra work.

Coworkers stealing your milk?


Put your milk in a jar or other container you’ve brought from home. No one is going to open up the fridge and take your milk if it isn’t in a recognizable milk container. They won’t know how long it’s been in there, for one, and for two? It could come from a sheep or a human or something—hardly worth the risk. You’ll drink your milk in peace.

Pay your job search forward


As soon as you get hired at one job, copy and save the job description to a running file you store on your personal computer. When it comes time to update your resume and job search, you’ll be very glad you have it.

Strike a pose


Before that big presentation, meeting, or interview, take two minutes in the privacy of the restroom or your car and strike a power pose. Hold that power in your body and your face and then walk in with your head held high. Even if you get nervous, your body will remember how you felt going in.

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