8 Crazy Things That Could Happen to the Workplace Within 30 Years

Written by Peter Jones

Ever think about how the workplace of the future will be different? Here’s some food for thought: a few scenarios to consider as we plan our careers in a changing world.

1. Driverless Cars

This isn’t so much about the workplace, but will certainly change commutes and also fundamentally alter fields like mass transit and transportation, and maybe also change the face of the auto industry forever.

2. No More Offices

More and more companies might opt to have workers set up remotely, either at home or in shared co-working spaces. This will save companies lots of money on office space and give them the ability to hire talent from around the world.

3. Big Brother

GPS monitoring might enable employers to track your location, your health, and your productivity. This certainly won’t be popular, but as long as the technology exists, some companies will want to use it.

4. Workers’ Choice

More and more millennials entering the workforce are demanding that their employers meet their ethical standards. Expect workers to switch companies and jobs more than they used to as they follow their passions and try to sculpt their ideal careers.

5. Work ‘Til You Drop

We’re all living longer, and companies are getting rid of costly retirement programs. We’ll all probably have to work much, much longer, particularly as medical advances keep us alive well past the life expectancy of our parents’ parents.

6. Part-Time Plus

Freelancing may be the wave of the future. It’s much cheaper for an employer to hire a freelancer, without having to provide benefits or health insurance. And many workers prefer the control and flexibility that lifestyle affords them. The steady 9-5 may be a dinosaur by the time our kids enter the job market.

7. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence will start to replace as many jobs as feasible, putting more manual tasks in digital hands. This will destroy certain jobs, but create others in technology and service.

8. No More Bosses

Zappos did it with their controversial “holacracy.” More and more companies are restructuring from the typical linear grunt-level-up-to-big-boss model. We can expect more lateral, integrative hierarchies to start forming, which will change the face of how we work and who we work for.

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