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8 Hilarious Truck Signs Spotted On the Road

8 Hilarious Truck Signs Spotted On the Road
Written by Jessie Liu

1. Straight and to the point!

“Don’t Like Trucks? Stop Buying Shit. Problem Solved!”

don't like trucks, stop buying shit. problem solved

2. You better check yourself, before your car wreck yourself.

“This Vehicle Makes Wide Ass Turns”

this vehicle makes wide ass turns

3. Got Milk?

“Keep Back 500 FT. We Aren’t Hauling Milk!”

keep back 500 ft we are not hauling milk

4. Bonus point on being as smelly as a regular school bus!

“Caution, Stool Bus”

caution stool bus

5. It’s always funny to give Kanye a bad rap.

“Chicago’s Best Wrappers. Sorry Kanye…”

chicago best wrappers

6. Really? I did not know that…

“Packing Tape Should Not Be Used For Painful Practical Jokes.”

packing tape should not be used for painful practical jokes

7. Time is still tough for truck drivers

“Driver carries less than $50 cash and is fully naked”

driver carries less than 50 cash and is fully naked

8. Mmmh, thanks for the heads up.

“If you want to get past, you had better be fast, because I’ve got a truck, and I don’t give a **ck!”

if you want to get past you better be fast

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