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8 of the Best-Paying Summer Jobs

Summer Jobs That Pay Well
Written by Joanna Hughes

Summertime brings an increase in growth for many businesses. There’s still plenty of time left for you to find your perfect summer job. To make your job hunt easier, here’s a list of some of the best summer jobs that pay well.


If you excel in a particular subject, like math or writing, use your expertise to help others by becoming a tutor. You will be able to set your hourly rate and schedule. You can find students that need your help by advertising your services on sites like Care.com as well as displaying your services at local schools. Most colleges already have a program in place for students that need a tutor, so contact them and find out how to get work through their program. Highly skilled tutors can charge up to $50 per hour.

Website Designers and Developers

If you are good with computers and like making stuff on the web, there are always small businesses, entrepreneurs, and bloggers in need of a website or some website updating. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Web Developers average $30.52 per hour. Craigslist is a good website to look for work, and it is not as competitive as sites like Elance and Upwork.

Bartenders and Waitstaff

If you have good customer service skills, then try bartending or waiting tables. According to the National Restaurant Association, this summer, restaurants are projected to add 522,000 jobs. Check out beach towns and cities frequented by tourists to find some of the busiest restaurants. You’ll have a busy work environment, but you can also earn a nice amount just working weekends.

Construction Work

Construction work is often busiest in the summertime. You will find openings in a variety of fields including landscape, masonry, and carpentry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly wage for construction labor is $17.19. Learning any of these trades will provide you with the physical skills you can use in life no matter what career path you choose.

House and Pet Sitters

These jobs often increase in demand during the summer months. Depending on the owner’s request and animal’s needs, this could entail staying overnight, or it might mean stopping by frequently while they’re away. If you’re staying close to home this summer, be sure to let everyone know that you’ll be around if they need anyone to take care of their house and pets while they’re away.


If you love playing with kids, then babysitting is a great option. The need increases during the summer, because school is out, and a lot of parents still have to work all day. Advertise your services on Care.com and let all of your friends and family know.

Lifeguards and Swim Instructors

The local pool and beach is a favorite place for families to visit regularly from Memorial Day through Labor Day. If you love to swim or teaching others, these would be a great fit. Check out the RedCross.org to find out the training and credentials you need to get started.


If you enjoy working in customer service, then sales is a great place to start. You can earn an hourly rate plus commission. Apply to stores where you love to shop. Working at a store you like to visit all the time will make it easy for you to sell their products and often you can get discounts on their merchandise as an employee.

There are lots of options for getting a top paying job this summer no matter what your circumstances. You can find work as a lifeguard, swim instructor, house sitter, and construction worker that will assist the many businesses and people that need extra help each and every summer. These jobs could set you up for a recurring summer job every year. You can get your side hustle on and start your own business as a tutor, web designer, or babysitter. Even if your schedule picks up after the summer, you might be able to make some extra money by continuing to offer your services on a limited basis.

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Joanna Hughes is a freelance writer who specializes in business, human resources and the job market. She lives with her family in the beautiful White Mountains region of New Hampshire.