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8 Surprising Jobs That Earn 100K with Just a 2-Year Degree

Written by Jessie Liu

While some people may think a four-year degree is necessary to get a higher paying job, there are a number of professions where you can make around $100,000 per year with only a two-year degree. A traditional college degree is not necessary to get a good job and earn a high-paying salary.

Radiation therapist

Health care jobs are a growing field and will continue to grow as baby boomers age and the population increases. An associate’s degree lets individuals work in a hospital setting or a cancer-treatment center where they monitor the equipment, record a patient’s reaction and provide documentation for the treatment session. pay can be up to around $100,000.

Air traffic controller

Armed with an associate’s degree, air traffic controllers can make up to $122,000 per year. the primary duties of an air traffic controller are to manage the flights of planes flying into and out of the airport, with safety being the primary goal. although this can be a high-stress job, the pay may make it worth considering.

Executive pastry chef

Executive pastry chefs can work in a number of different places, from hotels to restaurants and even on cruise ships. It requires the equivalent of a two-year degree from either a technical or culinary school or a community college to be ready to work. Really good pastry chefs can make up to $102,000 a year. This, of course, is dependent on the city and location.

Master plumber

Everyone, at one time or another, needs a plumber, and that’s one of the reasons working as a master plumber pays up to $102,000 per year. One of the good things about being a plumber is that individuals can either work for a company or set up their own business. workers who enjoy working with their hands and don’t mind getting wet sometimes when working on or installing water lines and related systems and appliances, may be interested in this job. They can go to a technical school or community college to learn the skills to get licensed.

Real estate sales

Brokers in real estate sales jobs can earn hefty commissions that amount to much more than $100,000 each year. To become a real estate broker requires a high school education and long hours that can include holidays and weekends. There may also be periods with low to no income when no sales are made.

Construction supervisor

Those workers that have experience in the construction industry may work up to the job of supervisor. These jobs can pay up to $130,845 per year, and promotions are usually from within the company. A strong knowledge of the business, policies and values is necessary as well as the ability to be on call to complete projects and for emergencies.

Court reporter

An individual who has an associate’s degree as a court reporter, which entails transcribing court proceedings, can make a good salary. Court reporter jobs pay up to $104,000 and will require a background check. Salary can be dependent on location. A busy courtroom in a large city will likely pay more than a smaller town.


Bartenders make a wide range in salary depending on the location and volume of clientele. While some restaurants, bars, and clubs may pay around $19,000, more upscale locations in large cities can pay over $100,000, including tips. while most bartending skills are learned on the job, there are some programs that teach bartending and offer certification in the safe serving of alcohol.

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