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9 career podcasts you should be following

Written by Michael Hoon

Maybe you’re looking to get psyched for work on your morning commute. Or perhaps you actually dread going to work and want to see what it takes to start a new career. Whatever stage you’re in your work life, it’s a great time to listen to one of the fantastic career-oriented podcasts out there. From advice on tackling work issues (or laughing about them) to tips for climbing the career ladder, there are a lot of diverse podcasts out there to help you get motivated and challenge yourself to succeed.

Being Boss with Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon

Hello, gig economy. Being Boss is your guide to the work issues that arise when you are your own boss, whether freelancing or through a side-gig. It includes helpful advice, expert interviews, and business planning tips, all with an emphasis on creativity. This podcast is for creative people who want to turn their passion into a business.

Lead to Win with Michael Hyatt

Geared toward executives or anyone aspiring to a leadership role, Lead to Win navigates the various issues leaders may face at work, from diffusing conflicts to finding a strategic vision. It also tackles how to engage success outside the office in order to emphasize a well-rounded life. Want to know why reading makes you a better leader? Listen in.

The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

On The School of Greatness, a former pro-athlete turned “lifestyle entrepreneur” emphasizes life success beyond just the space of work. This podcast gears toward the inspirational, featuring celebrity and athlete interviews alongside businesspeople, featuring a range of topics like overcoming fears and finding purpose.

The Career Hacking Podcast

Okay, millennials. The Career Hacking Podcast is brought to you by your peers, who want to help you find you dream career and meet your ambitions. Each episode focuses on the unique story of a successful millennial who made a fascinating career move and has advice and a story to share.

Repurpose Your Career Podcast

Okay, boomers. The Repurpose Your Career Podcast is for you if you’re far along in your career but now need to pivot and bring your skills into the 21st century—or simply want to try something new. This podcast features practical tidbits like advice on updating your LinkedIn profile and interviews with inspiring people who have made career moves later in life.

The Accidental Creative

The Accidental Creative, which is geared toward creative professionals, interviews a range of artists and leaders who provide weekly tips and strategies for success in more artistic fields. Topics range from dealing with an unhealthy work environment, to how to make better pitches, to bigger picture stuff like finding your purpose in life.

No Limits with Rebecca Jarvis

Want to shatter the glass ceiling? No Limits interviews successful women who offer advice and stories about how they got where they are today. With a guest list ranging from celebrities to editors to executives, this podcast offers inspiration both for women who are already on their path and those who are looking for a path to begin.

Safe for Work

Safe for Work tackles all the questions you might have about the working world—everything from facial hair to negotiating your raise. Is your boss spying on you? How do you navigate the social work scene? Find out answers here.


Are you looking for a job? CareerCloud covers all the practical things you need to know, like how to get your resume beyond the screening process or how to sell yourself in an interview. With advice from career coaches, resume writers, and a variety of successful, savvy experts, this podcast provides tips for how to market yourself and build a networking strategy, covering a comprehensive range of information you’ll need when navigating the job market.

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