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9 Signs Your Boss Secretly Hates Everything About You

Written by Peter Jones

Everybody wants to be liked—especially by their boss. Your job can go from wonderful to awful based on your relationship with your boss. If you feel yours is lacking—or something is just plain off—then you might want to think about whether any of these signs apply. Whatever discord there is might just be in your head, but just in case, see if you recognize any signs. If you do, maybe it’s time to have a chat with him/or or HR.

1. You feel it in your gut.

Don’t discount your own intuition! If you just feel like your boss hates you, it might be true. Don’t rely on this sign only, but it’s not one to be discarded lightly.

2. You’re never asked for input.

And you’re left out of key decision processes. It’s almost as if you don’t exist.

3. There’s no eye contact.

You can tell a lot from your boss’s body language and eye contact. If you’re being avoided, you’ll be able to tell physically. Almost as if it pains them to look you directly in the eyes—let alone smile or laugh!

4. You are getting micromanaged.

You—and only you—are being hovered over. If your boss is just a micromanager in general, that’s one thing. But if it’s only in your direction, this could be a sign that you just aren’t trusted.

5. You’re avoided.

Your boss seems to go out of his way to dodge you in the corridors or elevators. He communicates with you only over email—even when your office is right next door. And when he does come close enough to you—say you show up at his office door—he doesn’t acknowledge your presence. There’s no exchange of good morning/evening pleasantries either—you aren’t included in any jokes or banter.

6. There’s a sense of snippiness.

You get monosyllabic answers to genial questions. Emails are not opened with a friendly salutation or a well-meaning sign off. Basically, your boss is acting like a teenager. This is not a great sign. Does your boss make small talk about personal things with your other coworkers but not you? Also not a great sign.

7. You don’t get enough feedback.

Some managers are just terrible at giving feedback—especially positive feedback. If you get negative feedback, it’s usually super public. But if you find you’re getting no feedback, while your co-workers are getting constructive criticism and pats on the back, then you have a problem.

8. The door is always closed.

There’s nothing like looking at a closed door to make you feel like you’re not welcome. Whether it’s to your boss’s office, or to a big important meeting that you can’t seem to get invited to… you might be out in the cold.

9. You get all the worst jobs.

You keep getting assigned tasks that are way beneath your level and your pay grade—just busywork that offers no challenge. And no matter how well you accomplish each task, you’re not moving forward. In fact, you seem to be moving backward.

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