Advice for Women Who Want to Become Truckers

Written by Peter Jones

Everyone may tell you it’s a “man’s job,” but that’s just not true. It doesn’t have to be, anyway. And there’s such a huge demand for truck drivers now; you should absolutely take advantage of these opportunities if you’re interested and suited to them.

Here are three major tips for women want to become truckers and are trying to enter the industry.

Believe in yourself

The so-called “Confidence Gap” between men and women is well-acknowledged at this point. So many men go through the world and the workforce with this added sense of deserving what they get, particularly when they have a bit of experience or skill. Channel that. You’re probably just as qualified—if not more so—so go into the application process with that confidence. The industry will welcome you.

Ask for help

You won’t be the only woman in the trucking industry. Many brave and competent women have paved the way for you. Check in with Women in Trucking (WIT). Their website has a ton of information and resources you can rely on in your quest. You’re not alone. You have powerful allies out there just waiting to help you achieve your goals.

Go where you’re most wanted

You’re going to need training. Choose a training school that has a mix of both men and women on their staff. Roadmasters Driving School is a good place to start; they’ve got several female directors running schools for them, and would be a great environment for you to study to pass your CDL (Class A Commercial Driver’s License) exam. If you chose a place that respects you, you’ll be able to take advantage of all the help that institution has to offer to help get you on your way.

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