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Become a Marketable Medical Transcriptionist

Written by Sheryl Posnick

Whether you’re just starting along the path to a career in medical transcription or are looking to sharpen your skills, you need to be in top of your game at all times. Here are a few ways you can thrive in this important position.

You will likely have to learn how to generate your own clients. Always be in the lookout for opportunities to network. Keep your name active in industry forums and maintain consistent relationships with industry professionals: teachers from your certification program, former classmates and colleagues, and anyone you’ve worked for in the past. You want to remain fresh in the minds of people who might be looking to hire someone.

Organization is key, especially because many positions will require that you work from home and maintain your own schedule. First, set up a professional space for yourself–make sure it’s clean, quiet, and equipped with the latest gear. You will definitely need a sturdy set of headphones and a quality sound card for your computer. Then, set up (and stick to!) an administration plan that works for you–paper or electronic files are fine, so long as you keep meticulous track of your assignments, due dates, and invoices.

Finally, grow and hone your skills regularly. Practice is key to success, especially on real-life medical dictations. In this profession, time is money and efficiency is vital.

Aim to stay at the top of your game in all professional and personal avenues and you’ll be primed to become a sought-after and marketable medical transcriptionist!

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