The Best Health Care Jobs in California With No 4 Year Degree Required

Written by Randy Stancovici

California is expected to have a pretty large shortage of health care workers by 2025. Many of these positions are a lower level that does not require a bachelor’s degree.

So whether you’re looking to fall into the health care industry or you’re already firmly entrenched in it, Cali may be a great place for you to find a health care job, especially if you only have your associates degree.

Here are some of the best jobs health care jobs in California for people without a bachelor’s degree. You can refer to the infographic for more information.

1. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer 

2. Registered Nurse

3. Medical Assistant

4. Medical Billing Specialist 

5. Pharmacy Technician 

6. Respiratory Therapist 

7. Surgical Technologist


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