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Build an Administrative Assistant Resume Employers Can’t Ignore

Written by Eric Titner

Want some tested and proven strategies for building an administrative assistant resume that potential employers and future bosses can’t—and won’t—ignore? Eric Wood, contributor at CareerAddict, offers some no-nonsense strategies for getting your resume to stand out from the daunting crowd of potential hires during your job search.

Don’t forget the fundamentals when building your resume! You’d be surprised by how many unfortunate and misguided job seekers resort to throwing in useless “bells and whistles” into their resumes in a desperate attempt to get attention—and how quickly this can backfire. Neon-colored paper? Forget it! A cute photo of you and your pet iguana in the corner? Don’t even think about it! Potential bosses aren’t looking for comic relief (at least not when they’re sifting through a huge stack of resumes).

Also, make sure your resume highlights all of your strengths. Remember, your resume is going to make your first impression to potential employers for you, so make sure it sells you well. Also, competition for administrative assistant is fierce, so if your resume doesn’t say that you’re the absolute, undeniable best potential employee that exists, you can be sure that another applicant’s resume will—and guess who’s more likely to land the job?

An effective profile statement at the top of your resume can really grab an employer’s attention. Consider this your “elevator pitch” as you sell yourself to whoever is reviewing your resume—this brief (no more than 50 words) introduction should tell readers why they need to look no further in their hunt for the perfect administrative assistant, and why it’s well worth their time to keep reading.

Your resume should also be in a clear, professional format that’s easy to follow and engaging, and highlights your best attributes. Don’t waste time with unique fonts or fancy design flourishes—it won’t help you land the job—use that extra time to double-check your resume so that it’s free of errors!

Bottom line: An administrative assistant is usually a vital and important member of an organization’s team, and employers are looking for someone who’s professional, capable, and qualified—so make sure your resume says this about you!

How to Write an Administrative Assistant Resume


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