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Companies Changing the Face of Benefits

companies changing the face of benefits
Written by Miranda Pennington

Every so often there are moments of brightness in headlines about how major corporations are running their business. Good news can make you feel better about a job search in progress, because hey, at least someone is doing a great job somewhere. Here’s a round up of some companies making the world better than it was when you woke up this morning.

Chipotle Hire-a-thon

Chipotle’s upcoming Hire-a-thon is a sign of the ongoing economic improvement. According to Yahoo Food, “The planned Sept. 9 hiring binge—which would expand Chipotle’s 59,000-member workforce by nearly 7%—is one of the starkest examples yet of restaurant chains stepping up recruitment efforts as the industry struggles to attract and retain employees.”

So whether you want to apply to work at Chipotle or just eat there to show your support, raise a burrito in their general direction on September 9!

Netflix Updates Family Leave Policies

Netflix recently announced they would extend unlimited parental leave to their salaried full-time employees. Moms and dads can take unlimited leave during their child’s first year of life, regardless of their adoptive or biological relationship.  This adds Netflix to the list of companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook that offer parent employees perks like nursing lounges and memberships to childcare booking services—and even prompted Microsoft to boost their paid leave time from 12 to 20 weeks!

The tricky flipside is gauging how much time you can actually take—job experts recommend about 6 months at the outside, rather than only taking 12 weeks and then missing a few days here and there.

The One-For-One Model

It’s a well-known fact that the Toms shoe company policy is to donate a pair of shoes to someone in need via nonprofit partners—but did you know eyewear innovator Warby Parker and Target partner Yoobi have the same giveaway policy? Warby Parker even works with a nonprofit that trains men and women in developing nations how to give eye exams and empowers them to become affordably priced glasses retailers.

One-for-one partnerships allow customers to become partners in company philanthropy efforts, and it’s a great way to establish sustainable assistance to communities in need.

Warby Parker

Yoobi link

For more companies that can help you restore your faith in humanity, check out Fortune’s Change the World List—worth consulting while you’re job hunting to find out what companies offer competitive benefits, match their employees charitable donations, provide grants and supports to underserved schools and students abroad and close to home, and more.

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