How to Create a Nursing Resume to Get You Hired

Written by Peter Jones

You’ve put in the hard work and training to get all of your certifications, now you’re ready to go out into the world and start helping people—and getting paid for the privilege. You may think, as long as your qualifications are complete, you don’t need to do anything else. Unfortunately, you’ve got one more hurdle to clear.

Yes, nurses. You too need a killer resume. Set yourself up against your classmates who’ll be applying for the same jobs you will by making sure to craft a clear, professional resume that highlights your particular skills and experience.

There are a number of templates to be found online—for any position. Whether you’re looking for a position as an entry-level RN or nursing assistant, or you’re hoping for a significant promotion, the Internet can help.

Step one: make your resume. Check out some resume samples. Do a bit of research to see what seems to work best in a nursing resume. Ask your mentor or someone in the profession you respect. Remember, the more work you put into your resume, the easier it will be to land the job.

Once you’ve got your resume in order, make sure to have a friend or colleague proof it. Make sure you’ve struck the right tone—somewhere between confident and not-too-cocky. Then write yourself a cover letter, explaining anything you think is relevant or providing context you didn’t have space to provide in any one particular section of your resume.

Remember, hiring managers don’t know you. Make sure you’re painting the clearest possible picture of who you are and what you do and why they’d be stupid not to hire you.

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