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Win With Your Registered Nurse Resume
Written by Sheryl Posnick

When you’re looking for a new position as a Registered Nurse, you want to create a resume that perfectly summarizes all you have to offer. Of course, if you listed everything you’ve done as an RN it could fill a book–not just 1-2 pages. Let’s look at where you can start when creating a resume for RN jobs.


Keeping your resume tightly organized will make it easier hiring managers to read and follow. Create headers for important categories: Certifications, Professional Experience, Education, and Additional Skills (selling points that don’t fit into any of the other categories).

Your Professional Experience

By far, the largest and most important section will be your Professional Experience. Nursing duties vary from job to job. That’s why, when describing your responsibilities at current and former workplaces, you’ll want to give as much specific detail as possible. Don’t just write in generalities (“Worked with maternity patients.”)–instead, list the exact procedures you mastered within the maternity ward. Get down to the nitty gritty. In which systems are you proficient? How many patients did you handle per shift? In which subspecialties are you well-versed? Paint a picture for prospective employers of exactly what you did at every job you list.

What Makes You A Perfect Fit?

Of course, space is limited. Can’t decide which specifics you should highlight? Your first reference should be the job description of the position you hope to get! What precise skills are they looking for, and what in your past history matches up with this? Put these overlaps front and center, and most importantly, be sure to change up your resume for every different job application. One resume does not fit all!

Before a prospective employer sees you face-to-face, your resume has to represent all you have to offer. Think about what in your professional past makes you a perfect fit, and then get it down on paper!

How to Write a Resume for a Registered Nurse Job


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