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How to Write a Perfect Customer Service Resume (Examples Included)

Written by Kate Lopaze

If you’re looking to break into the customer service/call center world, or are already there and want to improve your chances at a promotion or a new opportunity, you probably already know that a great resume is the place to start. If you are looking to work in retail specifically, we have also created a comprehensive guide on how to write a retail resume. Let’s dive in and look at sample customer service resumes from three customer service professionals at different stages: one entry level, one looking to get a new job at a different company, and one looking to get promoted from within.

1. Entry Level Customer Service Resume

2. Customer Service Resume for Managers

3. Customer Service Resume for Executives


Entry Level Customer Service Resume

Up first: Marjorie, looking for her first full-time job in customer service.

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In this case, Marjorie is an entry-level job seeker looking for her first full-time job in customer service. She has an Associate’s degree, along with temp jobs, a student job on campus, and a part-time job at a national retail chain. Because she doesn’t have direct experience in the job she’s hoping to get, she uses a functional, or skills-based resume. This puts the emphasis on the skills and qualities she brings to the job.

Her education and experience are also important, and are included, but they get less attention. She also starts with a brief introductory/objective statement that outlines what she hopes to achieve in this job, and what she brings to it. Ideally, Marjorie tailored this resume to the job description.

Customer Service Resume for Managers

Let’s look at the resume of an applicant who’s a little further down the road than Marjorie. Tom has been working as a customer service rep for a while, and is looking for a new job that’s a step up into a managerial role.


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 Tom has a good amount of experience, and has some management experience that he’d like to use to level up into a manager’s position. In his case, the traditional reverse chronological format, which puts experience front and center, working backwards from the current job (or most recent). He also leads with a summary statement, which is slightly different than an objective. The summary gives a snapshot of where Tom is in his career right now, and where he’s hoping to go next. For his skills, Tom matches them with his goal of getting a managerial position by emphasizing his strong service, management, and operational skills. Again, this is ideally updated for every job opening for which you’re applying.

Customer Service Resume for Executives

Let’s also look at a sample resume for someone who’s also well along the customer service career path, but isn’t necessarily looking to jump ship to a different company.


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Flora’s case is a little different from the usual resume scenario. She wants to stay at her company, but wants to move up from within. So the emphasis here is on her achievements and skills at her current job. The qualifications summary that kicks off the resume is kind of a “best of” highlight reel that shows how much she’s achieved in her current role and what skills she’s bringing forward.

Because her resume is most likely being read by an internal person (either her boss or a hiring manager in another department), she doesn’t have to spend a lot of time explaining processes, client names, or programs she uses. Instead, she can emphasize achievements rather than a summary of what her job is.

And since she’s trying to highlight her time at Literati to emphasize her connection to the company, the reverse chronological experience section doesn’t dive too deep into her previous jobs—it  spends most of the time on her current job, and just highlights relevant bullet points from her previous ones.

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