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Drivers Beware: Stupid Laws Ahead!

Drivers Beware Stupid Laws Ahead!
Written by Eric Titner

We all know that most driving laws are designed with our safety and best interests in mind. But times change, and sometimes the laws that fit them are late to the game. Here are some of the more hilarious laws that are still lurking around (longer than they should have):

  1. Driving in Oregon? Make sure you start your stopwatch when you open your door! Leaving it open too long may earn you a ticket.
  2. It’s also illegal to “demonstrate your physical endurance” while highway driving in Oregon—we just hope this doesn’t include staying awake behind the wheel!
  3. Need to catch up on the latest issue of X-Men or the Avengers? Just make sure you’re not driving in Oklahoma, where comic book reading and driving is a big no-no. We’re more concerned about driving where this behavior is legal.
  4. What’s up with Alabama? It’s actually legal to drive down a one-way street the wrong way if your vehicle is equipped with a lantern!
  5. Color careful? In Minneapolis it’s illegal to drive a red car down Lake Street and in Denver you can’t drive a black car on Sundays.
  6. Minnesota doesn’t want messy cars! In Minnetonka, it’s illegal to drive a vehicle with dirty wheels that make a mess on the roads.
  7. Sheep on board? If so, don’t drive through Montana—an unattended sheep in your truck cab can get you in hot water.
  8. Keep your weapons holstered when you see an animal from your vehicle in Tennessee. There’s no animal shooting if you’re in a moving car—unless it’s a whale (no joke, other than the law itself).
  9. No ice picks on your wheels in Montana folks…Who does this?
  10. Who knew Pennsylvania was so horse sensitive? If you’re driving by a team of horses, you must pull off the road and hide your vehicle under a blanket or canvas. And if you make the horses skittish, you’ll have to disassemble your vehicle(!)

Yeah, these laws aren’t really enforced any longer, but still…drivers be wary, and stay safe on the roads. That’s always a good rule to follow!


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Eric is a NYC-based editor and writer, with years of experience in career-focused content development across a wide range of industries.