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Employment Trends: Services Industry Soars

Written by Joanna Hughes

For many job seekers, employment reports have indicated that jobs, particularly in the service industry, are plentiful. Recent unemployment numbers have held steady at 5.3 percent, representing a seven-year low. It is expected that the last two quarters will post a trend toward even more encouraging employment numbers.

Sector Growth

Some sectors are posting an increase in the number of available jobs. For instance, growth in health care, retail, technology, professional services and finance jobs is encouraging. At the same time, some areas such as the energy sector posted lower job offerings, largely due to the glut in oil and decreased commodity prices. Overall, the service industry posted the largest gains. The biggest decrease was found in the manufacturing sector.

Service Sector and Retail Trade Growth

The U.S. Department of Labor noted that the majority of job growth is related to the upswing in service sector jobs. Food service jobs grew by 376,000 in the past year, the leader in all sectors. This trend is the strongest and is positioned for greater growth. The growth of 322,000 jobs in the past year among retail workers is also encouraging. Creating a perfect retail resume is your first step to take if you want to apply for retail jobs.

Other Sectors With Gains

Gains were seen in other sectors, with health care jobs adding 28,000 jobs for the month and 436,000 for the year. Jobs available in hospitals rose by 16,000. Computer design grew by a modest 9,000 jobs, while engineering and architectural jobs gained about 6,000 positions. Transportation-related jobs grew by 146,000 overall.

Health Care Jobs

The rise in health care jobs is related to demographic changes including an aging population and health insurance modification. These changes make health care a good sector for aspiring job applicants.

Dental and nurse practitioner jobs also offer a potential for rapid growth and an excellent salary base. Health care assistant jobs overall are plentiful.

Looking for a Job

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